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Lets end the myth that forced multiplayer scaling is as bad as people complain about.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Lets end the myth that forced multiplayer scaling is as bad as people complain about.

Note: no I dont want forced scaling back lol, just saying that the older games are not awfully designed.

Village is often deemed the standard player experience difficulty wise due to Hub quests having a 2+ player balance. And yes, Hub quests do have higher amounts of HP and resistances, but people seem to equate the ridiculous standard World set for multiplayer scaling when considering the previous games. This is provably false.

First of all, if you want to hunt most monsters there is a village equivalent. The monsters with no village equivalent are purposefully top tier monsters to take on, such as giant elder dragons (Ukanlos, Alatreon), group designed quests (Dalamadur, Ahtal-Neset), or monsters Capcom deems extra special (deviants and variants). Might as well complain that behemoth has no single player HP pool, or that you should be able to solo scale a world eating snake / giant mech mantis. Frankly, village quests are really easy to steamroll once you understand the monster, to the point that there really lacks a challenge past the first couple of encounters. Now, the increase of HP and stagger thresholds IS balanced for ~2 players, but it really is not a big deal to solo. Here are the actual numbers from the elder dragon Shagaru Magala. (mhgu kiranico source)

  • LR village Shagaru in MHGU has about 3.5k HP, and the village high rank version has 6.8. That is almost 2x the HP, and the stagger modifier for HR is 50% higher. However, that will essentially be taken into account by your weapon damage nearly doubling by then.

  • LR Hub shagaru has 4.5k HP and the HR version has 7.9k. The stagger thresholds also get an additional 20% respectively when compared to village. It IS higher than village, but by a very small degree that barely accounts for the extra people joining.

  • And the Hub exclusive G rank version? 13k HP, and twice the stagger modifier as Low rank. Seems pretty high, but remember how LR weapons average 100 raw, HR weapons get around 200 raw, and G rank weapons hover around or above 300 raw. The only thing truly making the quest take longer than previous versions is the enhanced monster AI, making you play more cautiously. Oh yea, and when considering the huge armor set improvements and sharpness additions to weapons, the hunter is stacked much more highly than the monster's scaling.

World scaling is kinda messed up. Tail cuts or breaks that take you a few minutes take most of the hunt, and it is almost impossible to get them all in multiplayer. KOs are made so, so much harder to get, and flinching the monster is so much more unreliable that damage counting is encouraged if going ham. The old games do not have it that rough, and taking the mindset that soloing hub quests is hard is kinda silly.

tldr turns out AT Xeno has more inflated stats than the hardest G rank monsters ever released, get out of here with that "forced scaling is badly balanced" unfounded opinion

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