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Let’s stop pretending toxicity in the Monster Hunter community isn’t a thing.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Let's stop pretending toxicity in the Monster Hunter community isn't a thing.

First, I want to preface this by saying that – by and large – the MH community is one of the most welcoming and warmest communities I've been a part of. I fully acknowledge that the behavior I am speaking out against is a minority, but we're still talking about a quarter of the community – perhaps even more. This isn't a 1% issue. And, frankly, if we want the community to stay as welcoming and friendly as we perceive it to be, we can't keep sweeping this behavior under the carpet.

There is a lot of condescension and gatekeeping in the community. There's a lot of valid (and sometimes invalid, admittedly) criticism being dismissed with weak, irrelevant arguments. You see this a lot on the official FB page, but even here on Reddit and Discord. Even the slightest criticism is disregarded under a quick assumption that someone 'hasn't played the old games' or is 'just complaining because they're bad'. I've seen both newcomers and actual veterans subjected to this for expressing even the smallest criticisms about the franchise, and this is even more common with Rise coming out.

Let's get one thing straight.
Monster Hunter is about getting better. You might be one of the tightest speedrunners out there, and that's awesome if you are! As a whole, though, this franchise is about getting better. Not just through your equipment, but through your experience. Accusing anyone of being bad is missing the overall point of the franchise. We're here to put in the time, have fun, and improve at our weapons of choice.


Secondly, we don't get to assume another person's history with the franchise until they've stated otherwise. Maybe they're a Fifth fleeter, and that's okay – the game has brought lots of people into this franchise, and a lot of them have become diehard fans. But it's just as likely they've been part of this franchise since the very beginning, or have jumped on board at any point during its lifespan. Honestly, I can count the amount of times I've seen 'have you even played the old games?' with it being relevant on one hand. It's rarely valid and seldom belongs in the conversation.

Ultimately, I just don't understand why people are deliberately going out of their way to try and isolate players. Especially since a lot of it comes from assuming they're newcomers. Why are we not trying to encourage fresh blood getting into this series? Don't we want to see Monster Hunter continue to grow and be successful in the west?

Bear in mind that if you engage in this kind of toxic and hostile behavior that you're the minority in this community. You do not reflect the general welcoming attitude of hunters and frankly I think you get complacent about it because all too often we look the other way when we see it happen. I think we should make it known that this behavior isn't okay in this community.

tl;dr – the MH community is great, but we have some outliers that love putting down others to build themselves up and we should be more vocal about how their behavior is a poor reflection of what the community is about.

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