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Let’s talk about elder dragons

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Let's talk about elder dragons

So awhile ago I saw a post on this reddit about an elder dragons tier list and their strength in lore, I didn't really agree much with it so I made my own and want people's opinions on it, I also only include the main get elders so no frontier, I will also not add some subspecies because I am lazy, the order will be weakest to strongest this might contain spoilers

Kirin/oroshi kirin: The weakest elder dragons but still a strong monster, it's horn gets eaten by rajang but it makes rajang struggle a bit so not that weak, it however can still cause changes in the environment due to it's thunderstorms.

Chameleos/Teostra/lunastra/kushala/vaal hazaak/namielle: I put these all together because I am kinda lazy also it's because these in my opinion are your standard average elder dragons. They cause changes in the environment and are still powerful. I put Teostra and lunastra in the same tier because they don't differ much other than lunastra being more aggressive. Chameleos in my opinion is just smart and has strong poison so yeah. Kushala is here due to his wind however their are better elders that control wind than him so he is in this tier. Vaal hazaak is here because he doesn't have much other than effluvium which kinda gets outclassed by something in this tier list later. Namielle in my opinion is here because all it does is make water which compared to the other water elders in this tierlist is kinda bad.

Nergigante/valstrax/amastu/kulve taroth/velkhana: I'm putting Nergigante here because all we see him do in world is attack Teostra and kushala tier elder dragons so I'm putting him in this tier. Valstrax is here because he is a jet, I don't think kushala's wind barrier will be much of an issue. Amastu is here because he is basically better kushala. Kulve taroth is here because we don't really know much about it, it has size kinda and some strong attacks, I don't know because it just stays in the el dorado for the entire time so. Velkhana is here because it can generate a ton of ice and has very big effects on its environment with its ice, I don't know if I should put it in this tier or the one above it.

Shagaru Magala/Shara ishvalda: I'm putting shagaru above guys like valstrax and nergigante due to the devastating effects of the frenzy virus like vaal hazaak's effluvium is nothing compared to the frenzy virus. I don't know if Shara is stronger than shagaru but it is still a powerful monster nonetheless with its powerful wind/pressure power


Ceadeus/narkarcoss/jhen mohran/dahren mohran/yama tsukami/lao shen lung/zorah magdaros: I'm putting most of these guys here because they rely on size basically. Ceadeus eats narkarcoss, narkarcoss eats baby ceadeus. Jhen and dahren are the same basically. Yama tsukami sucks stuff with his creepy mouth, lao shen lung and zorah magdaros are just huge dragons

Gogmazios/safijiva: Gogmazios is the biggest flying elder dragon in the entire series, it shoots powerful tar/fire beams and is a extremely deadly creature laying waste to things, safijiva is here due to me not knowing where to put it in the tierlist however it is still a very powerful elder dragon so I put it here.

Dire mirallis: I am putting dire mirallis here due to it's sheer size and also due to the fact that in my opinion it is stronger than zorah magdaros unlike zorah it's not just a lumbering behemoth that's just walking slowly, it causes massive issues to the waters it goes through killing ocean life

Alatreon: Im putting him here due to his powerful control of elements, he is a living disaster like almost all elder dragons so in my opinion he is the third strongest, he is also a black dragon, which is a powerful class of monsters composed of elders like fatalis

Dalamadur: some peoe might say alatreon is stronger but in my opinion dalamadur is. The reason I say this is because he is the biggest monster in all of monster hunter. He summons meteors during his fight kinda, he shoots giant beams, also the rotten vale is just a massive dalamadur corpse so there's that too.

Fatalis: does this even need a description (fatalis is known to wipe out entire civilizations, it makes monster like lao shen lung to flee, They have incredible regenerative abilities for example a sword made from a fatalis in pokke village still regenerates everytime someone mines it after a couple of days. It said that hunters who wear it's armour feel like their getting possessed or the fatalis is still alive in their armour. It is said that some hunters who wear it's armour disappear mysteriously.

(Sidenote) I don't have xenojiiva or behemoth in here because I don't really consider them much of an elder and because I am lazy.

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