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Let’s talk Bowgun mechanics.

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Let's talk Bowgun mechanics.

First up: Single Fire/Auto Reload, what kinda purpose is this supposed to fulfill?

Right now it looks like it forces a set-in-stone 2 second delay between shots, but I thought to myself if it was just that, then the entire mechanic would be implemented the wrong way.
It seems like almost all of the ammotypes that have SF/AR already have somewhat sizable magsizes and low recoil to begin with, and they don't need to reload after every shot, in fact I'm pretty sure if you were to compare DPS between most non-SF/AR and SF/AR ammo, that SF/AR would result in lower DPS, making most of the appearances of SF/AR penalties, rather than bonuses.
Even worse on Heavy Bowgun, where it's virtually guaranteed you have more than 5 shots for those ammo types.
I've seen like, a few valid uses of SF/AR, and that's on Paralysis Ammo 1, which commonly has Recoil+3 and below average reload speeds, but then there's nonsense like Normal Ammo 1 SF/AR, which just seems even more pointless than Normal Ammo 1 Rapidfire.

SF/AR could've, in theory, fit an interesting niche, the fact that recoil and reloadspeed can't be modified makes SF/AR ammo a strong contender for triple Close-Range, or triple Ranged-Attack up builds.
Since magsize would be irrelevant, this playstyle would neither heavily rely on the chance-based RazorSharp/SpareShot, nor on Free Element/Ammo Up for mag-increase.
However, I fear that the plentiness of Normal 2 RF Light Bowguns, with which you use these customizations with anyway really just makes that a moot point.

If certain weapons were able to SF/AR strong ammo types, however, then it'd allow LBG to utilize them while on the move without heavy investment in Recoil Suppressors or Reload Assists.
Let's take Bazel's LBG for example, since it was plagued with SF/AR for Normal 1 and 2, SF/AR for Normal 3 would allow for a mobile sharp-shooting triple Close-Range up build,
which likely still won't rival Normal 2 RF, but that just means that at least there would be more niches in playstyles to be effective against certain monsters.
Some weapons that are useless right now, Dai-Onigashima for example, could SF/AR Spread Ammo 3 to compensate its below average attack stat and horrible Recoil stats.
Cross Blitz II, made useless by the completely superior Great Bowgun, could SF/AR Pierce Ammo 3.


Secondly, Rapidfire, it's boring.
To be exact, what's boring about RF is which types of ammo can be RF'd, or at least, which of these are relevant.
You've got like, Elemental Ammo, and Normal Ammo 2…

What if weapons that can't RF these strong shot types, could instead RF certain other shot-types?
Dai-Onigashima would be a prime contender again, with it's low overall performance, making it able to RF Sticky Ammo 1 would give it a niche no other LBG could fulfill, alongside having an actual way of dealing good damage with SF/AR Spread 3.

Dragonbone Bowgun, a weapon that's bloody useless right now, could fit the niche of this game's status gun by making it able to RF Pierce 1 and the Lv.1 status shots, with how it is now, it fills… No niche.
I suppose it does fill the niche of being this game's useless gun…

Lastly, I'm not a fan of how this game

I don't know the exact mechanics to it, but whenever you have your crosshair pointed at something close-by, then your character automatically seems to look at it at an angle, resulting in your shot going…
Nowhere near the crosshair!
This makes Pierce-gunning nearly unpredictable, trying to shoot Diablos' wings through his horn would result in my character looking off-center and shooting the bullet nowhere close to my intended target.
I commonly see my shots being redirected toward the very center or any other point of a bodypart I aim at, but not actually toward the direction of the reticle!
Even point blank shots perfectly aimed to fly over my WyvernBlasts would be redirected to fly toward an entirely different bodypart that just happened to appear over my crosshair for a single frame.


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