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Lets talk MHW werid/bad design choices.

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Where to even begin. Well lets start with me saying this, despite the garbage im about to type out, I love World. Its my favorite in the series and iv'e been here since the ps2 and through. And i will keep playing World whatever comes, until the sequel on and off.

But as much as i love world, some of the devs decisions have just plain baffled me 6+ months on. Now some of these are opinions, some facts but a few almost seem like they either ran out of time for release deadline or just plain couldnt be bothered. So where to begin. Well lets talk weapons, allways a topic brought up a lot here. But my confusion isnt with the visual asthetics for a change, as much as i would love cool looking weapons , having a bit of shell slapped on a hammer doesnt bother me so much as long as it does its job.

No my problem is the choices with what they added in as weapon choices before and since dlc. So lets talk elements, we all know that a couple of weps , ie : Bow and DB can use them effectively. And yet in a ton of trees that due to how MV's work, there is just a plain abundance of absolutely defunct weapons no one will ever use. Because MUH META , but also because there really isnt any reason to. It seems like a massive waste of resources designing things that are outright inferior to 1 or 2 other weapons people will flock to. And then we have the elements themselves. Firstly, although there are a couple of (free element) weapons with high Water value, there is only 1 water monster. And therefor basicly everything is a Jurya weapon water wise. Now heres the confusing part. They have released a few monsters since, and a bunch of events with extra weapons and gears. Yet lets look at what we got. We got Jho, all of his weapons are Dragon element. We allready have 2-4 Dragon weapons in each line. Lunastra , we got Blast. There allready exists a couple of blast or free element blast weapons in each line (Generally Teo or Bazel) , Behemoth , who's 1 weapon was ANOTHER Dragon element weapon, and Kulve who while having some fabulous elemental values on the weapons, "generally" require Free element 3 to outshine the basic lines, and also theyre RNG.


Now i get it, Jho has Dragon breath, his weps have been Drg weps since release iirc, but Luna doesnt even use Blast really, i mean she explodes her pools of breath but in general shes more fire based. But no we got Blast again. Now obviously she couldnt have Water weapons that would be silly , but the few extra weapons outside of monsters that have been released? Theres a Lance with Para, a GS with hidden Fire, A bow with Lightning which pales in comparisson to Tobi's anyway and so on..

And if we get Oroshi next.. well methinks somehow , his weapons will be Ice. We have 2 Ice weapon lines. Heck they could pull a switcheroo and make Oroshi use water based attacks instead but i doubt it (Though in hindisght, despite being Ice, he could possibly have Water element weapons, if he has DB's they may have a dual ele system like Zamitros's old DB's).

Im starting to head off on a tangent here. But my point is, the whole decision making on what to release and when for certain weapons , especially when we have a trashcan full of ones no one will ever touch allready or some being released that are then outshone by an event one. Whats the logic behind that? Like whats the logic behind releasing Armour sets , like the Butterfly one as an actual set you can wear, with skills far inferior to most other sets, and having a special item needed to build it from outside monsters.. when you can just get it as layered? I mean that seems like a waste of time and effort even putting it in.

It's thier game, they can do what they want, its all free and while it seems like im complaining , im not, im just confused as to what goes through thier heads. And this is just weapons and Armor. What else confuses you about the design choices? (Aside from the gathering hub).

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