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Let’s talk modular weapons

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Let's talk modular weapons

Say you're just starting out. You've killed yourself a Great Jagras and a Pukei-Pukei and you're starting to feel yourself. You've gathered some bones and ore, and you've decided you're ready to make your first weapon, a Great Sword (for example). You could,

  • Forge the core of the weapon from the LR bone/ore that you've gathered, and then
  • Line the hilt with Pukei quills to give you some poison status, and lastly
  • Carve the blade itself from Jagras claws to increase attack damage.

Awesome! Now you've just created a Rarity 3 GS with the cosmetic blade of GJ, and the hilt design from PP. Due to its components it will have a damage buff, and some poison status. As shown in this example, a sword would be comprised of 3 core components (LS, GS, SnS, DB, )

  1. Blade
  2. Hilt
  3. Core (non-cosmetic)

The blade and hilt are monster-based components, that decide what the weapon looks like, it's elements and status. The core is non-cosmetic, and would largely dictate the relative strength, sharpness, power, slots, defensive perks, and the resulting weapon's class. The weapons rarity would be a function of how the components come together. Continuing with our example GS;

  1. LR T1 monster blade +1 rarity
  2. LR T1 monster hilt +1 rarity
  3. LR T1 resource core base 1 rarity

At this stage you've successfully made your great sword, or long sword, but what about if you wanted dual blades?

Simply, dual blades would require a different core plus an extra blade and hilt component. Whilst being more difficult to craft, would make it easy to explain their increased elemental / status efficiency.

Ok, but what about a sword and shield?

Well the SnS will require a specific core, plus a shield made from these 2 components:

  1. Flair
  2. Base

– Which would be shared between every other weapon that uses a shield (Lance, GLance, )

Looking at the current weapon designs it's clear they're already using a system like this to direct the design of the weapons, with a major complaint being how many of the weapons never lose that feeling of being "modular". At least with this system we gain the control to make it worth the cosmetic trade-offs.



  • Every monster would have a weapon available at every tier level, allowing more granular and consistent gear development.
  • Kulve suddenly makes significantly more sense in the normal gameplay loop, with her drops changing from full weapons, to weapon cores with their associated perks being built-in (crit element/ status)
  • Easily expandable in future with additional non-cosmetic assembly components able to be added to the process
  • Makes custom models available for every weapon in same class, effectively reducing dev workload (e.g. every blade could have the Odo sickle design)
  • latest?cb=20140123152812 - Let's talk modular weaponsFully bespoke weapons are still possible, they simply require all of the materials to be from the same monster
  • Custom, multi-element weapon setups such as the
    fire and ice become possible for any suitable weapon for any combo you desire
  • Removes the upgrade tree, weapons are simply forged directly from their components a la armour


  • Obviously requires a lot of work to get it up and running
  • Would require more work to forge a weapon
  • May result in some weapons having fewer cosmetics (looking at gunlance and SwAxe), but I don't see how things could be much worse than what they are
  • Removes the upgrade tree, weapons are simply forged directly from their components a la armour (some people might like the tree)

Hopefully this idea appeals to a few other people as talking it over with some of my friends has us all agreeing on how awesome a system like this could be. Even just looking at the gamma armour makes us wonder what it would be like if they had decided to implement gamma weapons. With this system it could be as simple as a new component with some different stats.

TLDR: Weapons that you've forged made from the parts you've hunted and it benefits from their attributes and cosmetics too. It's powerful, it's cool, it's unique, and it's YOURS… That's awesome!

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