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Let’s Try this Again! Here’s my Updated Final MH: Rise Large Monsters Prediction List!

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Let's Try this Again! Here's my Updated Final MH: Rise Large Monsters Prediction List!

So I made a prediction list about a month ago, and I realized I made one catastrophic fatal flaw. Rise is a Portable 5th gen game, and with that said, will include many of the new monsters introduced in World/Iceborne as evidenced by all the weapon trailers etc. While I included some I erred in not including more. Another error was including too many previous monsters not yet seen in 5th gen! While it would be fantastic to get most of the good ones back it is sadly unrealistic. And with all things in life sometimes mistakes are made! And will definitely be made in this updated list, again!

Before I begin here are some things to note about my prediction list:

The Eastern influence of earlier gen monsters in design/armor/weapons certainly will help inform my predictions for some of these selections.

Older gen monsters that have already made it in World/Iceborne have a higher chance of returning because it appears that they're able to port them from the MT Frameworks Engine to the RE Engine from what we've seen so far with Anja, Pukei, etc. (Could be off on this. If anyone knows any information on this that would be awesome!)

Monster diversity is something the developers have said they want to achieve and so that reflects in my predictions

There is no bias here. Some of my favorites I don't expect to make it in sadly!

And previous Boss Monsters can, in fact, return. We can argue about it in the comments if you really want to ;p

With all of these points combining I feel many educated guesses can be made. Sure, not a 100% accurate of course, but it's what I've got to work on.

With all that said here we go! Here's my 100,000% totally accurate MH Rise monster roster prediction list!


  1. Great Izuchi
  2. Aknosom
  3. Tetranadon
  4. Magnomalo
  5. Bishaten
  6. Somnacanth
  7. Yatsukadaki
  8. Arzuros
  9. Rathian
  10. Rathalos
  11. Pukei-pukei
  12. Anjanath
  13. Tobi-kadachi
  14. Kulu ya-ku
  15. Great Wroggi
  16. Khezu
  17. Royal Ludroth
  18. Basarios
  19. Great Baggi
  20. Jyuratodus
  21. Unconfirmed Monster (Namahage Bear)
  22. Unconfirmed Monster (Weasel/Cat/Centipede/Bug?)
  23. Final Boss Monster












  1. Valstrax

To note; Monsters first appearing in 5th Gen that aren’t in yet (excluding boss/siege monsters):

  1. Great Jagras
  2. Tzitzi Ya-Ku
  3. Paolumu
  4. Great Girros
  5. Bazelgeuse
  6. Radobaan
  7. Legiana
  8. Odogaron
  9. Dodogama
  10. Nergigante
  11. Vaal Hazaak
  12. Banbaro
  13. Beotodus
  14. Namielle
  15. Velkhana

My Predictions:

  1. Gravios

  2. Legiana

  3. Odogaron

  4. Nergigante

  5. Yian Garuga

  6. Volvidon

  7. Daimyo Hermitaur

  8. Shogun Ceanataur

  9. Zinogre

  10. Brachydios

  11. Deviljho

  12. Seregios

  13. Lavasioth

  14. Zamtrios

  15. Glavenus

  16. Tetsucabra

  17. Uragaan (I hope not)

  18. Kirin

  19. Teostra

  20. Kushala Daora

  21. Amatsu

  22. New Monster

  23. New Monster

  24. New Elder Dragon*

  25. Yama Tsukami (post launch update)

Subspecies that I bet will be in:

  1. Azure Rathalos

  2. Pink Rathian

62.Black Diablos

  1. Oroshi Kirin

Think they’ll be in the expansion:

  1. Lagiacrus
  2. Agnaktor
  3. Qurupeco (would be extra deadly with the Rampage mechanic)
  4. Congalala
  5. Plesioth (The reign of Khezu for base Rise with the Terror of Plesioth for the expansion)
  6. Dalamadur (Post launch! I feel like Dalamadur has the highest chance of returning ala Fatalis style in Iceborne when compared to Gog, Ahtal-Ka etc. Could be way off on this of course.)
  7. 6-8 new monsters
  8. Many, many subspecies/variants of monsters in base game.

Monsters that could be in but I doubt will make it in base game or expansion:

  1. Velkhana (I think technical issues will prevent Velkhana from being in the game. Maybe as a downgraded version it could make it in. Really hope I'm wrong on this!)
  2. Namielle (Same as above)
  3. Fatalis
  4. Lunastra
  5. Paolumu
  6. Tzitzi Ya-Ku
  7. Banbaro
  8. Beotodus
  9. Blangonga
  10. Nerscylla
  11. Seltas Queen/Seltas (Plz make it in!)
  12. Duramboros
  13. Astalos
  14. Gammoth
  15. Malfestio
  16. Vaal Hazaak
  17. Ukanlos
  18. Bulldrome
  19. Great Jagras
  20. Great Jaggi
  21. Great Maccao
  22. Monoblos
  23. Nibelsnarf
  24. Gobul
  25. Akantor
  26. Ukanlos
  27. Lao-Shan Lung

Most likely not at all but I can hope (can’t I):

  1. Soulseer Mizutsune
  2. Hellblade Glavenus
  3. Ahtal- Ka
  4. Estrellian
  5. Inagami
  6. Lightenna
  7. Taikun Zamuza
  8. Akura Jebia
  9. Akura Vashimu
  10. Forokururu
  11. Gogomoa
  12. Gougarfs

So I’m predicting 13 new monsters. And 62 monsters at base launch is definitely a bit high it would seem. But with the Rampage mechanic being as it is I can see this number happening with some stretches. So, what do you guys think? Am I insane, a madman, a deranged and hopeful fool? Or am I close to the mark? And ask away if you have any questions for why I put what monster where. Agreed or disagreed I'm happy for the discourse!

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