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literally my only complaint is the OUTDATED multiplayer cutscene restriction

img intro02 1024x503 - literally my only complaint is the OUTDATED multiplayer cutscene restriction

Truthfully, this game is impressing me immensely; I have about 10 hours played in just 23 hours since the game released digitally. My ONLY issue is the awful multiplayer cutscene restriction, which is a total pain in the ass.

Freaking diablo 2 released 15+ years ago and didn't have this problem; you could have people join your main quest progress at any point and you could get carried from beginning to end while alt tabbed. That caused a separate issue, but for here, requiring to watch a cutscene for each individual main story quest before you can play with others is so stupid and outdated.

And for those saying to just fire a SOS, I have. The problem is, half the time nobody joins, the other half it takes an additional 3-5 minutes for the player to even reach you once they join. Seriously, it says a player joins my quest and I don't even see their UI health bar until a couple minutes later. And I'm not firing an SOS for help, I'm doing it just so I can play with others for fun, since I got ps plus just for this game.


And watching the cutscene, then abandoning the quest and posting it on the board, either for friends helping or randoms, is really not a convenient viable option. Its stupid. Stupid and outdated.

This would be my favorite multiplayer game on consoles ever if they fix this. The beta's matchmaking was instant and I got into 4 player groups instantly, even in the first 2 min of the first beta going live. I'm very disappointed in capcom. I hope they fix this.

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