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Long time player, first time MHW player here: I have nothing but praise

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Warning: LONG

To start off, when I told my console friends who had already played MHW I had preordered and was super excited for the PC release, I was scolded and scoffed at, told it was "the Fallout 4 of Monster Hunter" (jokes on them, I liked Fallout 4). Nonetheless I have waited ever so patiently for it's release and excitedly downloaded it today, and I am utterly astounded.

I have heard so many negative things about MHW, but wow, this game is amazing.

First off, the graphical enhancements that this entry has received are leaps and bounds ahead of 4u, that I absolutely love, I love being able to pick out individual feathers on Anjanaths head or the scale ridges on the best girl – Rathian. Having actual grass and foliage too, instead of just textures and occasional 2d models, that's simply amazing.

I really really love the gameplay, I find myself rarely using the target camera just because I can so easily maneuver the centered camera, unlike previous entries. I do miss having to haul around paintballs and pickaxes a little bit, but it's so nice not having to take up that extra inventory space, and scoutflies and tracks are an excellent and immersive replacement for paintballs. I love the incredibly satisfying hit effects and sounds, and I love the new mounting mechanics, with the climbing onto the monsters back and giving them a big ol whack on the head instead of just knocking them down after a bunch of stabbing. Combat really flows, I would say just as much, if not more than 4u and Gen.

Though the monster roster is small, I gotta say, I love it, from the new to the old, I love everything on the monster list, and they brought back my #3 monster of all time, Barroth (love you muddy boy). Although it might seem like a little thing, I also really enjoy all the little nicknames the community has come up with for the monsters, Rock Turkey, Clifford, Angry Pickle, it's the little things.


A map with no loading screens, now that is something I never thought I'd see in a monster hunter game, I love it I love it I love it. I can't say that enough. Being able to lead monsters around areas, using the environment to your advantage moreso than ever before, and the turf wars, oh the turf wars, monsters actually interacting with each other like they're in an ecosystem, it's amazing to say the least. The multiple camps on a map makes everything really nice and really smooth too, that was a nice touch.

I'm so immersed.

I just accidentally spent 4 hours on an expedition because I was so immersed with the world itself, I nearly forgot to hunt the monster I was there for.

I've NEVER been able to do the expedition style things for that long, especially not accidentally, not with the Moga woods in 3u, or the Everwood in 4u, that's just how immersive this game is.

Don't even get me started on the endemic life forms, I could do a whole nother post on those, but they are EXACTLY what this game series needed. Not just small monsters of varying sizes, but an actual class of other creatures that are at the bottom of the food chain, that is the cherry on the cake, at least for me. I love paratoads, I love wigglers, I love all my little endemic friends.

Oh, and actually having voice acting is nice too.

You really outdid yourself on this one Capcom. I'm in love.

Tl;dr – I'm so immersed I could die, gg Capcom

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