Monster Hunter World

Lookin for people to play with!!

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Lookin for people to play with!!

Greetings hunters!

Beforehand: If there is a seperate ps4 monster hunter world subreddit, please let me know and i will move my post there, I was not able to find it.

A little introduction:Fell in love with MHW as of late and would like to find people to play with. I do not like pugging in online sessions and I am much more interested in "organized" groups that play the game together, wether it be "chill hunting" or later, when I get better at the game, doing all those naked runs etc…I am not completly new to the MH franchise, but I am still not skilled in the game. I tend to take skill when it comes to games with a medium/heavy degree of seriouseness (is it correctly spelled and formulated ??? – let me know :))

That being said. If anyone wishes to invite me to their squad, or just in general, is looking for more people to play with – hit me up. Currently I am done with zorah storyline(I believe) and when i checked on the wiki it shows that pink rathian is next.


General info:I almost never use wiki because I like to learn everything about the game myself, or getting in depth explanations from people I play with. My most used weapon is bow (due to the similiar playstyle to horizon zero dawn – which I enjoyed quite a bit, mainly because of the combat) and I am looking to learn LS, Hammer and probably Horn. I love playing support style builds, so if there are any in the game, I will be probably looking to play those in the future aswell.

My ps4 name is Epbloop, my MHW name is Law (law student (crying inside)) and I am mostly avaliable/online from 3pm – 8pm (mon – thurs) and 12pm – 8pm on sunday. I am very comfortable using comms and I believe I am fluent in english so communication will not be the problem. I know a litlte german (I understand more, speak less) and some serbian/croatian. Besides that, I am from Slovenia so the time zone is GMT+1. Currently I am sitting on 40hours of play time and I decided the game is well worth putting my time into it – hence the post.

Cheers hunters!

Also looking to learn SA, SB – looking for weapons that im comfortable with.


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