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Looking for Non-Taroth Armor builds/advice for the Winter Festival (specifically the Arch-Tempered Dragons)

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Looking for Non-Taroth Armor builds/advice for the Winter Festival (specifically the Arch-Tempered Dragons)

ok so here's the rundown of my problem.

First off, I also have a friend who is having a similar problem that I have and that is the majority of the builds we come across consist of Kulve Taroth armor pieces.

Now if your on PC you might not understand why that's a problem but basically Kulve Taroth is not available for console. Originally I was going to finally attempt it when the festival came round, but obviously plans changed.

So basically we keep running into builds that constantly use Kulve Taroth armor pieces, and it's a needle in the haystack situation for us, because we've been putting off Taroth simply due to the fact that you require numerous people and yada yada yada you get the idea.

SO…moving on.

We're trying to make builds that are somewhat along the lines of "anti-(insert monster here)" giving a proper edge against Arch Monsters considering that we're not exactly the best at this game. However we have honestly got no idea what we are doing here, let alone go about fighting said monster.

I am also a Light Bowgun/Insect Glaive main (also looking into Heavy Bowgun) while my friend is more into the Hammer/Great Sword/Charge Blade.

We also haven't killed a single Arch-tempered monster. We thought that going for Zorah first might be the best start, but we didn't have enough DPS to take him down (mostly cause of Nergi), however we have only attempted this once.

So that is the story, now the ultimate question(s):

Question 1:Can someone please provide tips on builds/a good build for Arch-tempered monsters with NO TAROTH ARMOR PIECES?

(Specifically the weapons above but if there is a better weapon of choice please tell cause time is of the essence.)

Question 2: In your opinion, what is the best line-up of arch-tempered monsters to face from start to finish?

Read:  Can we please stop with the karma grabbing?

(Example: Zorah, Teo, Kirin, Vaal, etc. first being highest priority. Friend of mine wants to get Zorah and Teo out of the way for the layered armor)

Question 3: exactly how difficult is Taroth for noobs, should I prepare myself while I wait for it to (hopefully) come back?

and just in case…

Question 4: what are the biggest problems to watch out for when fighting against specific Arch-Tempered monsters?

I would post my own builds here but I haven't got any time, but if people really need to know I'll update it later.

Thank you in advance.

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