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Looking to speed up solo-farming Ahtal-Ka and could use some advice.

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I'm looking for some advice from other Hunters as to how I can speed up bringing down the two Ahtal-Neset phases as well as making the three times you actually fight Ahtal-Ka during the hunt more efficient. This is all for farming her Solo and with Longsword. I'm still trying to learn other weapons.
Fighting against Ahtal-Ka herself isn't much of an issue for me in terms of time, though I do slip up occasionally. On average I can get her into phase two before the timer even hits the five minute mark. However what eats up all of my time is the mech phases. The first isn't as bad as the second but even then the both of them still eat up a majority of my time. On excellent runs I can finish the hunt in just over 15 minutes. On annoyingly questionable runs…just over 30 minutes. So for solo farming you might be able to see why I want to try lower the time of my better runs below 15 minutes as that would also speed up the not so great runs.
Right now I'm wearing a full Glavenus X set (slotted with x3 Evasion Jwl 1, x2 Expert Jwl 2, and x1 Expert Jwl 1) with a 2 Slot +3 Evasion/+5Expert (slotted with x1 Expert Jwl 2) along with a level 1 Goldscythe LS and Adept Style. My current skills granted to me with this set are:

Critical Eye+2
Heavy Polish

I plan on sticking with Adept for making Ahtal-Ka easier to solo and not prematurely eat it as well as Goldscythe for it's 3 slots and +60 def. My current set is good enough to just go out and hunt for fun but when it comes to farming it lacks efficiency. At least while solo anyway.

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