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A sudden musing I had about both it's appearance and nature but I'd begun reading on Monster Hunter lore semi-recently and discovering the setting has a bit more depth than I expected,

One tidbit I recently fell upon was the Ancient Civilization, around which a lot of things seem to revolve behind the scene in the setting. For one: it's technology, which is the basis of a lot of modern hunter technology using relics and remnants scavenged from ancient ruins by current day society. What's currently available is only scratching the top of it all. For example? Current day humanity in the setting is implied in an artbook to be the unknowing descendants of this civilization's supersoldiers', explaining the extraordinary feats that humans of Monster Hunter's universe are capable of.

This said, it didn't prevent the Ancient Civilization's greed from dooming them. They went into a way with the likes of Elder Dragons…. and lost.

The reasons was implied to be the genocide of dragons performed by the Ancient Civilizations. Their tower ruins seen in Monster Hunter 2 and some of the online titles were apparently made from literally melting down the likes of Kushala Daoras by the thousands to process them as raw building blocks.

This sort of action pissed off Elder Dragons, leading to the war and downfall of that civilization… and the later Hunter's Guild to perform a more "controlled" take on fending off and managing monsters populations and risks, hence the many regulations for hunters/etc…

So where does Xeno'Jiiva fits in this?

Well, one of the thing the Ancient Civilization was known for among it's cardinal sins was mastery of technology and biology such they were able to create new life. The thing is, as per the cliche… by this process "For new life to be born, other lives must be taken". It would take dozens worth of dragons to create but one of their so called "Equal Dragon Weapons", but the beasts themselves were supposedly extremely powerful with many unnatural abilities and so on. This said, apparently none ever survived to this day and the Guild only ever knew the Ancient Civilization ever got to anything like that due to one deceased beast they discovered a long time back and now study in a warehouse.

Now though, doesn't this process remind you of anything? Yep, our new-old pal Xeno'Jiiva. Which was literally born from the leftovers energies of generations of Elder Dragons coming to the New World to die…. and possibly one of the, if not "the" most unnatural looking monster in the New World. In fact, it's implied in the ending it might have been the very source of the Elder Crossing compelling dying Elder Dragons to migrate to the New World in basically a sacrifice to itself…. however, the beast is clearly shown to have seemingly been "incubating". But if it was "incubating" there yet was born of Elder Dragons…. how did it call them here before it even "was"?


So I've been wondering… could it be that Xeno'Jiiva may be one example of such an "artificial" monster made by the Ancient Civilization and the mechanism behind his creation is what called Elder Dragons in the first place?

Granted, Xeno'Jiiva doesn't look much like the "Equal Dragon Weapon" but then again the later look more like a makeshift job of a flesh golem more than Xeno'… though a beast which never happened in any game might easily be retconned or be passed off as merely the "prototype" for a more refined process that could have led to the creation of Xeno'Jiiva…. even if only after the extinction of the Ancient Civilization itself that it could not predict was coming for them.

This said, there is seemingly no existence of visible ruins in the New World unlike the Old to implie the Ancient Civilization had been there yet… there is another monster which might now answer this:

Kulve Taroth. 40 years ago, when the Research Commission first got to the New World, she seemingly was already there. While her hide is a source of precious materials for crafting armor… the real treasures is the literal treasure trove of weapons accumulated in her hide from her centuries(millenias?) long wandering of the caverns of the new world. And despite the clear loss of quality(considering that they had to be "restored" by the research Commissions to be usable at all, as per the "identification process") one might think might be suffered by weapons being half melted, dissolved or melded into her hide…. all of them are still of very respectable rank with rarities going from 6 to 8, the current top level in the game as far as I know.

The question is though…. unless she somehow came to the Old World in the past(which is not necessarily really known as she was only discovered in the New World afaik)… where did she find the weapons? Weapons durable enough to spend decades, centuries… perhaps even millenias integrated within her golden hide and horns?

So my theory is… these weapons are not the weapons of modern hunters, as suspected by some… but ones dating back to the Ancient Civilization. While it would be natural to assume their golden coloring come from her hide… it should be reminded that said hide came from her ability to attract rare minerals to herself in the first place. Meaning that they got caught in her hide due to being made of such minerals in the first place, and thus it may well be that it is they who gave Kulve Taroth her golden hue rather than the other way around… and some of the ancient themed sets seemed to carry a certain degree of ornementation or appearance that was more ornemental in some cases.

Of course, a lot of this is wild mass guessing and blatant hypothesis that may be quite easily overturned, but it's something I've been musing a bit today after a momentary pause when reading said lore.

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