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Losing a 1.2k hour save file…

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Losing a 1.2k hour save file...


I lost my 1200 hour savefile on XB1 to some random data corruption; got the message that it was unreadable. As far as I can tell, I can’t recover it from xbox cloud either (corrupt upload, or I screwed up trying to restore it? No idea).

I had done everything up to this point – all special events, nearly all KT weapons from hundreds of horn breaks, unlocked and killed my 1st scarred yian garuga and was about to start trying to unlock silver and gold rathalos and rathian.

One week on, it still feels crushing. Haven’t powered my xbox on except on weekends when my friends want to play Borderlands 3, and that’s cause you gotta keep going for your friends even if you don’t feel like playing anything. Sounds dumb… but I hear MHW’s music in my head sometimes. Poogie petting music, main menu music, seliana music.

Why am I posting this? I guess I’m at a bit of a loss as to whether to give up entirely, or to restart. Restarting feels like an epic undertaking, and I wouldn’t be able to join my friends on the special events for months while I grind back through everything I would need in master rank. By then they probably won’t be playing as much either. And trying to catch all the special events in the limited time windows… is not an appealing thought.

Much of me wants to just walk away. Wave goodbye to wussypie (hunter) and waffles (palico), to tell myself they live on in some people’s games provided they have my guildcard. (If waffles is out in the wilds, then wussypie is there too! Or so I tell myself). Plus, grinding jewels in particular is a bloody pain. It took me 1200 hours to get one release jewel and one mind eye jewel. What’s the chance of me earning both of them back?


Part of me wants to start again, design them exactly as they were. I’ll never grind back all my stuff, but I can rebuild them over time. They’d just be a lot poorer (in zennies, in jewels, in mats, in KT weapons, in armor spheres…). But I could do all the new events I had been planning to, and gather all the layered armors like I intended.

I spent all MHW hoping they’d bring in a transmog system. Now they finally are phasing it in, and I lose my save file.

Do I cut my losses? Do I start anew?

I know no one can answer the question for me, but maybe hearing your perspectives might help. It’s still my decision, but it’d be nice to hear other people’s thoughts.

If anyone else reading this has ever suffered a save file tragedy, know you’re not alone. If anyone is grieving for a lost and much valued save file, well… I feel you. It may seem silly to lots of people, but it hurts.

Oh, and if by chance you happen to have wussypie and waffles in your guildcard collection, please hang onto it if possible. It’s a mildly comforting idea.

It’s a bit of a self-indulgent thing to post this on reddit perhaps. (First MHW post too) Excuse me just this once.

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