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Lots of questions about the monster Hunter universe

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Lots of questions about the monster Hunter universe

Doing a bit of fan fiction here and I wanna get my info correct to avoid cringe or potential mary sue bs also just genuinely knowledge hungry

Do we know how powerful the ancient civilization was and what kind of tech they had? I know they had created an abominable WMD and are responsible for some of stuff the hunters use like dragonators which were used in the dragon war.

I had my own headcanon that the hunters were descendents of super soldier's made by the ancient civilization to fight the dragons while wyverians and other humanoids like sea people for example ((lynians not included)) were the end result of them splicing genes to create better and more specialized soldier's for their war against the dragons. Of course the data for this has been lost to time or has yet to be found. Headcanon aside tho what we know? I want it hear it all everything from the info in the concept art down you guys headcanons and opinions as the more info the better.

Also I heard ancient civilization equipment can be found in the other games, if this is true can someone provide a picture link as google is giving me sketchy results.

My next questions involve taming monsters I've been reading this fic and I've really got into Hunter riders. I was going make my first monster Hunter fic focus on my wyverian Hunter and his palico as they raise the monster they'll be riding into battle. Originally I was going to choose tigrex however after seeing what young zinogre, rathalos, rathain, barrioth, dinovaldo/gladeus , and Kirin the choice of monster has become much harder.


That said based on that list I wanna hear you guys thoughts and opinions on how do you think they act when their young, how intelligent do you think they are regardless of age, which ones come from eggs, which ones are born via live birth if that's even a thing with monsters in monster hunter, are any of them omnivores, which do you think will adapt better to bring in the presence of the various humanoid races, and on a scale of 1 to 65 how hard do think it is to raise an elder Dragon assuming you manage to get your hands on a baby? I have own theories and whatnot but I always like to hear thoughts from fellow fans of the series as well. That and the less guessing I do the lesser the chances of things going horribly wrong when I start writing.

My final questions are basically How advanced is modern monster Hunter civilization? Like I've seen them use sail boats similar to the ones you like see during the 1700s, I've seen airships, and seen them use gunpowder however I've seen monster drawn carts, huts, and small villages also I'm certain I saw lasers at one point. The tech base is all over the place so I'm trying to narrow it down.

Also are there any large scale cities or is monster Hunter world made up mainly of villages?

If this isn't the place to ask these questions please let me know and sorry for asking so many questions as I'm a lore addict an well like to get my info straight before attempting fan fiction.

P.S sorry for the wall of text

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