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Lunastra is probably the most “Monster Hunter” monster in the game

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Now before mentioning old monster hunter games, I should mention that I have only played Unite (up to village Khezu quest) and portable 3rd (up to Shen Mohran village quest) so I am not experienced on the entire rooster, but Lunastra sure does feel like one in it.

From what I've seen people's main gripe with difficulty in MHW is that it works on reactions rather than planning in terms of approaching a monster (that is to say not much planning the possible cases, at least not as much compared to older games). Lunastra pretty much defies this difficulty. After slaying her a couple of times I've actually found myself considering the possible cases that may happen before there is even any action taken by her. Her sometimes erratic sometimes telegraphed moves already keep me on my toes. On top of that the constant fires that cover the ground are already a good attention check as getting overwhelmed is quite easy and it is also an indication as to when she might go for the nova which is something that always stays in the corner of my mind (thanks to the first couple of traumatic nova experiences). This approach feels a lot like the experiences I had when I was going against a difficult monster in older games and it feels really good.


It is becoming more of a love hate relationship with her and I love that this monster really kicked my shit together. Teostra feels like a joke after her. Hopefully later added monsters will have similar baseline in terms of difficulty (maybe with some tweaks).

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