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Lunastra Styx Weapons Sound Great (or Things you Notice while your 7 year Old Plays Monster Hunter)

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Lunastra Styx Weapons Sound Great (or Things you Notice while your 7 year Old Plays Monster Hunter)

I haven't seen any posts on this, but these weapons all sound incredible. Not as in "they sound incredible, but they are almost instantly outclassed by the ATKT weapons"… but they actually sound incredible. I mean they look cool too, but the sound of the weapon swings is really cool. I hadn't ever noticed this before.

This probably seems like a weird/outdated post! The background is that my 7 year old has been getting really excited watching me hunt more in preparation for Iceborne. He asks every day if it is out yet, and whether "X" monster will be in Iceborne… this is funny because he also knows the monster names better than I do, because he plays Monster Hunter Stories (which he calls Monster Hunter Riders).

A week ago he asked if he could play.

So I decided to make him a high QoL build: Earplugs, Stun Resist, etc. His favorite weapon in Riders is the Sword and Shield. I figured he wasn't ever really going to sharpen his weapon, so I built in master's touch, decent affinity, and the Luna Styx SnS for even more white sharpness. He basically never has to sharpen, and the build still has room for Earplugs, and such. It isn't meta at all… but he is 7, he gets super excited every time he defeats a monster, regardless of how long it takes.


Then I noticed as he was playing that the Styx SNS not only looked cool… it sounded cool too. So I made most of the other Luna Styx Melee weapons, and a few of the Ruin variant, and noticed that all the Styx weapons have that extra sound, but none of the Ruin ones do. I think the Lance, Greatsword, Longsword, and SnS all sound the best, and all sound just a little bit different from each other. I haven't noticed that Xeno's weapons make this extra sound either… anyone else notice this?


Anyway, long post, weird topic. If anyone is curious about a 7 year old's journey through high-rank Monster Hunter (in admittedly end-game gear), we are simply going down the list in the Hunter's Notes, and he just defeated Bazelgeuse. We have a few more large monsters to go through before he starts on the Elders, then I think we will do the whole list again with Tempered Monsters. The only things he really struggles with are the item wheel, the slinger, and the camera – the things requiring the use of the shoulder buttons or a second thumb stick – just hard for his hands to reach.

I realized that he was becoming a true monster hunter when he got knocked down by Diablos, and then yelled "GET UP!!!" at the screen in frustration. I told him he actually wants to STAY DOWN, and then stopped mid-way through explaining i-frames to him, because he was explaining to ME that if he held down Guard (which he can manage if he doesn't have to touch the other face buttons), he could survive Diablos' burrowing attack. I had forgotten about the Shield in Sword and Shield. But it does actually work! …with the level of defense he has. Haha.

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