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Made the Fated Four stats, moves and abilities aswell as their deviants as hidden abilities in pokemon.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Made the Fated Four stats, moves and abilities aswell as their deviants as hidden abilities in pokemon.

Astalos, The Electric Wyvern Pokemon (MHGen)

Type: Electric/Flying

Ability: Pressure, Lightning Rod HA: Boltreaver; All electric type moves from the user create a magnetic effect that stops the opposing pokemons to be unable to switch out. (If you’re curious, it does this by forcing the iron within your blood to be pulled making you unable to switch out)

Stats HP 70 Atk 120 Def 60 Sp.Atk 120 Sp.Def 40 Speed 135 Bst 545

Signature Moves: Absolute Discharge; User flies into the air and slams the ground at high velocity releasing all electric properties. Loses ability and electric typing for as long as it’s in. (Physical Electric, 150 BP, 95 Acc, 5 PP) Lightning Blade; User Gathers all its electricity into a hastily focused sword like beam into its crest and slashes downwards. Loses ability, flying typing and a -1 in both attacking stats. Requires HA to use (Special Electric, 200 BP, 60 Acc, 5 PP)

Moves Discharge Thunderbolt Thunder Iron Tail Thunder Fang Wild Charge Sky Attack Aerial Ace Giga Impact Volt Switch Thrash Outrage Roar Charge Beam Swords Dance ———————- Glavenus, The Cutting Wyvern (MHGen/MHGU)

Type: Fire

Ability: Mold Breaker HA: Hellblade; All Blade/Slashing attacks deal increased damage (1.3x)

Stats HP 100 Atk 165 Def 95 Sp.atk 45 Sp.Def 45 Speed 95 Bst 545

Signature Move: Halberd; User sharpens its tail and spinslashes hitting all pokemon on field. Can Burn (Fire Physical, 100 BP, 100 Acc, 5 PP, 10% to burn) Hell’s Redeemer; User grinds its tail along the ground and slices the target. Can Burn. Requires Hidden ability to use (Physical Fire, 140 BP, 85 Acc, 5 PP, 20% to burn)


Sacred Sword Leaf Blade Swords Dance Tail Slap Smart Strike Night Slash Solar Blade Fire Blast Fire Fang Crunch Protect Return Stomping tantrum Body Slam ——————————

Mizutsune, Bubble Fox Wyvern Pokemon (MHgen)


Type: Water | Water/Psychic with HA

Ability: Soap Foam; User secretes soap foam to cleanse itself of any status effect at the end of each turn. HA: Soulseer; Obtain the psychic typing and become immune to Light Based attacks.

Stats HP 85 Atk 90 Def 70 Sp.Atk 100 Sp.Def 100 Speed: 100 Bst 545

Signature move: Clean Wave; User unleashes a roaring wave of water. Purifies all status effects on field. Super effective against poison types (Special Water, 80 BP, 100 Acc, 10 PP) Soul Gaze; User gazes into the targets soul and causes unavoidable damage based on the users health. Requires hidden ability to use. (Psychic Special, 150 BP, 5 PP, Basically psyhic eruption)

Moves Surf Waterfall Hydro Pump Heal Bell Scald Psychic fangs Psychic Body Slam Glare Tail Slap Sky Uppercut Bounce —————————-

Gammoth, The Giant Beast Pokemon(MHgen)

Type: Ice/Ground

Ability: Fur Coat HA: ElderFrost; Pokemon Covers itself in Ice decreasing the effective power of Fire type moves. (Halves Damage taken from fire type moves)

Stats HP 150 Atk 100 Def 100 Sp.Atk 75 Sp.Def 70 Speed 50 Bst 545

Signature Move: Withering Frost; User gathers snow and over freezes it into a massive snowball and lobs it to the target, can freeze. Requires Hidden ability to use (Physical Ice, 100 BP, 95 Acc, 5 PP, 30% to freeze)

Moves Avalanche Blizzard Icicle Crash Body Slam Earthquake Ice beam High Horse Power Head Smash Rock slide Lash Out Steel Roller Roar Rest ——————— Ngl, Glavenus is ubers with a schnasty Choice Scarf/Band Set, maybe even life orb.

Gammoth gets the unfortunate RU maybe even NU

Mizutsune is going to be pretty good in VGC

Astalos gets OU, might be the best OU electric type :0

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