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It's all in the title, but I'll try to defend this statement even though I understand the general public will NOT agree. Too many hunts are getting muddied up and Monster Hunter titles of the past were not this prone to failure with PUGs.

Honestly what is MHW post HR50? You finish your Tempered Kirin and that is supposed to be the difficulty wall that says congrats you are an end-game player now. It is a Kirin. There are now TWO MANTLES THAT COUNTER THIS FIGHT. You can solo it with a half decent build and slap this thing around like a play fight. So my first argument is that this fight doesn't really separate 30-49 and 50+. I see HR50-100+ without having maxed out defense on their gear. I see people going into fights (AT KT for instance) without any of the skills necessary to beat or survive the raid. The game just kind of abruptly drops you into the mix and says "congrats you can do it all now" even though you likely 4 man'd the Kirin quest and got carried.


Now as in all rage posts you have seen across this Reddit people complain about not being able to do the release events (Arch Tempered) in groups unless they meticulously set up a good group or develop friendships in 3rd party comms or Youtube channels. Well the simple answer is these events are still HR50. So "Jimmy" can dive into AT fights headfirst following a literal hour ago finish on Tempered Kirin and think he is ready for the big leagues because "mY hR iS bIg EnOuGh To JoIn". Realistically if you are fresh at 50 or under 75 you probably don't have the gear to be taking on these fights even if you do have the knowledge. There is A LOT of grinding in this game, and unless you did it perfectly I'd safely assume you didn't get to 50-75 and immediately have a fully augmented, fully prepared, end-game set ready to go unless it was one of your only ones or you ripped it off the internet and grinded only the necessary drops to build it. You are just simply un-prepared directly at 50.


So that's really it. Make Arch-Tempered fights HR100. They are literally the last bit of content we are receiving before a full revamp expansion of the game. The game has been out for well over a year (9 months on PC but come on) and if you are in the neck of the LAST CONTENT POSSIBLE you should probably have been playing for a decent amount of that time. It shouldn't be impossible to farm the raid, events, or cross-over events if you have the time into the game you should have to actually run these quests competently…

TL;DR: …Title.

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