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I know only funny gifs and feel-good posts make it to the front page on this sub, but I think we as a community would be remiss if we didn't also make an effort to critique the game in a fair and honest way.

The Gathering Hub is useless. Multiplayer sessions are silent, isolated, and empty-feeling. I was so looking forward to re-living my Tri/3G/4U days of lively multiplayer lobbies filled with chatter, arm wrestling competitions, gesture parties, and gear-ogling. Now it's a completely hollow experience, with most interactions being reduced to someone using a single thumbs-up sticker after a hunt before disappearing into the ether.


I'm not someone who wants to make every piece of gear, or do naked runs, or HAME, or anything. I just want to bullshit with strangers online like the old days. I want to see other players running errands in Astera. I want a sense of community that goes beyond the specters that invisibly enter and exit my session. For decades now, MMOs have made it possible for multiple players to exist in hubs, visit vendors, and interact with each other in a practical way. Why can't MHW do the same? Why are we forced to endure a walk across town and a 30-second load screen just to reach an area where we can interact/see each other?

I've made several requests to the community manager, but he hasn't acknowledged me. I'm afraid that Capcom is just ignoring this problem and reveling in the sales numbers and goofy gifs. But this is a problem that is actively sapping my interest in playing. I hope they do something to address it.

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