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Master Rank with High Rank Gear: My Thoughts Post-Victory

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Master Rank with High Rank Gear: My Thoughts Post-Victory

Having not played Monster Hunter World since I burnt on High Rank long ago, when the Witcher cross-over was still new on console, when I finally came back to enjoy the game series central to my heart, I decided to add an impromptu challenge layer. Only HR armor/charms. Or more specifically:

  • I refused to build any Hunter Armor using IB materials
  • I also refused to use r4 decorations, which was a moot point since I never made a weapon or armor piece that can fit them…
  • My cat was allowed to have new armor and weapon, but I didn’t do any lynian befriending (were new skills added in MR besides Hoarfrost kitties? Either way)
  • Didn’t build/gem Def Boost
  • Did allow myself a few MR weapons in case of damage gating, but ended up not sticking to them over my existing HR options (Chrome Halberd II, Kurogane Hammer II, Diablos Tyrannis III)
  • Armor Rating always lower than 500, and averaging 430

This gave me a challenge run without me having to do naked run memes as a warmup… that would suck.

Running my first play-through of IB this way was a really interesting experience, and I felt like talking about some of the specific monsters along the way, and how their mechanics felt either different… or busted. I’m sticking purely to stuff I didn’t first-try or that posed a unique issue

  1. Barioth: There was nothing particularly crazy about the fights mechanics, but this is worth mentioning as the moment where I realized I had under-leveled gear. Leaping charges simply killed me in an instant, and the HR gunlance I brought to play took a looooong time to break either claw, even with pretty high Evasion Mantle uptime.
  2. Coral Pukei-Pukei: Oh. I bet people in base MR gear don’t get insta-carted by water jets. But I do. But wait, why am I interacting with this. Hug the monster like it’s your lover and suddenly you stop having to interact with all its new moves. You learn quick when you wanna brag first-tries but you’re risking one-shots on a tiny bird wyvern subspecies…
  3. Tigrex: This is normally a very strait-forward fight. It charges, and charges, and maybe it bites. Guard Point some charges, clobber the head a little, or take a bowgun and just skirt the edges of doom. Now those charges kill, and any time I’m hit and don’t die, I have to come up with a plan for standing up into double turnaround charges. Punishing was the word here.
  4. Velkana: This was actually extremely fun! I got the third Velk quest first try… but at just under 40 minutes. Normally if you’re playing with gear for your tier, you can learn a monster’s patterns by getting clobbered around a little and reacting to your mistakes with adjustments. Me? I had to circle strafe and make notes and notes and notes, and that took up a LOT of timer. Learning as a Gunlance how to deal with that “be careful or you’ll be frozen” slippery attack was really terrifying. Just believe in yourself and spam forward hop!
  5. Blackveil Val Hazak: So I started the quest, poked this thing with a lance, and then took 20% from a tick of enhanced spore effluvium whatever and abandoned the quest. Came back with x3 eff resistance, eff expert, and the Kushala Daora HR Charge Blade w/Life Augment and painstakingly chipped at the thing for 40ish minutes. Never again. Never again in HR gear.
  6. Namielle: I guess Guard Up doesn’t interact with the power bomb attack. “That’s a cart. Okay but now since I died in one hit to that, I can’t really tell when to roll this attack, I can’t use my hitstun as a mar- I died to the same move twice I’m an idiot, send help.”
  7. Ruiner Nergigante Preview: This doesn’t really feel like a new fight??? I call this one out just for disappointing. It fires some extra spines ig.
  8. Shara Ishvalda: The sand floor randomly explodes or explodes when Ishvalda attacks it… and that one shots me. The quicksand, that is. You know, that stuff that comprises the entire floor of the area? Just kills me. Even tried Health Boost 3 for giggles. Sometimes. Eventually decided that I have all the time in the world and killed it in 30 minutes just not interacting with quicksand. Euuuuugh. Also air beams hit shields multiple times and blockstring me. And I die. Again. This took 4 tries.

And now, when I do it all over again on PC, I get to enjoy a good ol’ fashion proper scaling as I go. This was a wonderful way to kindle the fighting spirit again in case I’m interested in returning to the TA Wiki time boards and has set me up to just flutter through the guiding lands freely and happily!~

This run brought to me by CB, Hammer, GL, Lance, S&S, LBG, HBG. The other half of the weapons coming back to me soon.

I love this game! And now I have total choice overload… I built nothing and have all the parts. I can build everything now… I have to do BiS research all over again.

How did these monsters go for you all? I want a basis of comparison from all the people who had 750-900 armor!

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