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MEGATHREAD: Updates to the Rules

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Attention Hunters!

These past several months since Monster Hunter: World’s release have been a period of growth for the subreddit as thousands of new hunters from all over the world have joined our community. Whether they seek advice or want to share accomplishments with their fellow hunters, we try to be a friendly subreddit with lots of information and an engaging and knowledgeable userbase. As a result of both the game’s release and the influx of new members, we asked for feedback regarding new subreddit posting guidelines. Below you can see the end product of both your feedback, and internal moderator discussion.

These new rules should help cut back on the amount of low effort posts that have surfaced recently, and continue to encourage a discussion focused subreddit. Since our community is growing over time and will have to evolve as new games and media come out, we value your feedback regarding the rules and community guidelines. Feel free to drop us a modmail if you have feedback or or a complaint regarding these changes, or other issues you may have noticed with the subreddit.

  1. Submissions must be directly relevant to Monster Hunter. Non-Monster Hunter related material will be removed at moderator discretion.

  2. Certain topics belong in specific subreddits. Memes and similar posts belong in r/MemeHunter and will be removed from this sub. Recruitment posts for in game hunting or clans belong in monsterhunterclan. Rage and non-constructive complaint posts belong in monsterhunterrage. Additionally, buying and selling of services (merchandise, exclusive quests, etc) is not allowed.

  3. Search before posting. Chances are your question has been asked before. Posts similar to recent threads will be removed.

  4. Respect your fellow hunters. Insults, inciting arguments, and discrimination will not be tolerated. Uncivil posts will be removed at moderator discretion.

  5. All images are allowed EXCEPT:

    Carves & Quest Rewards Minor Achievements & Crafted Equipment collections "Bring back this monster” Investigations Cellphone pics of TV screens, etc. 
  6. Artwork submissions most adhere to the following criteria: (a) Artist’s name in title; (b) Link to source in thread; (c) Post flaired as Art.

  7. Self-Promotion posts are allowed on a 1:5 ratio basis. Five posts or comments for every self-promoted submission (Videos/Guides from your personal youtube, etc.) Users not following this ratio will have their posts removed.

  8. Merch and Game collections belong in the weekly megathread. Posts showcasing game collections or merchandise outside of the weekly merch thread will be removed.

  9. Do not describe methods for obtaining Monster Hunter games illegally. Fairly self explanatory but basically no posting of ROMs, ROM libraries, asking where to find free/pirated copies of the game, etc.

  10. Spoilers: To hide spoilers use the following format (remove spaces). ( / s ) will produce this: Spoiler

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