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Melder Decoration Sniping and You: A guide to Efficient, Effective, non-intrusive Jewel farming.

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I just wanted to get all the information I’ve read and used so far compiled into one place, along with the details of each step, a list of jewel rarity, and the easy, no hassle way I work it into my regular playstyle.

TL;DR: The list of Jewels you get from the Melder is predetermined. It’s like looking through a deck of cards, 3 cards at a time. You cannot shuffle the deck, but you can skip sets of cards. Ideally, whenever you get the chance, you want to back-up your save and look as far ahead through the deck as possible, documenting your results to see if any Super Rare Decorations are coming up. Then if you see one, you re-load and snipe that specific Deco. An easy, non-invasive way to incorporate this into your normal farming is at the bottom of this post.

So, first off… why bother doing this as opposed only just farming T. Elders/T2 Multihunts?

  • Per time spent, scouting the Melder gives you more chances at getting that rare Decoration than any other action you can take in the game. At best, a good Tempered Investigation will give you 5 reward slots. Doing that investigation can take you anywhere from 5-15+ minutes, depending on skill, with the possibility of failure, in which you receive nothing. Those 5 reward slots are shared with Tier 2 Feystones, Tier 3 Feystones, Tier 4 Feystones, Warrior Streamstones, and Hero Streamstones. Only 2 out of 5 of those rewards have a chance drop the good Decorations. So at the most ideal, you could spend 5 minutes and get 5 Tier 4 Feystones, but let’s be honest, this ain’t gonna happen. Melding however, guarantees you 3 Tier 3 Feystones in a matter of SECONDS. You could roll through exponentially more chances at rare deco’s in the time you’d spend farming a single Tempered Investigation.

How do the Decoration rewards from the Melder work?

  • The possible jewels you can get exist as a set list in a predetermined order, listed out in sets of 3. Kind of like a deck of cards. If the 60th T3 Feystone you roll from there is that rare Pierce Up jewel, it will ALWAYS be that Pierce Up jewel. What we want to do is peer through that deck of cards far enough ahead that we know we won’t miss out on anything super rare. And snipe it with minimal material waste.

How do I go about scouting what Jewels are coming up?

  • By manually looking through each of them. To do that you need to meld, and melding takes materials and auto-saves your game. So to do this, we’ll first need to back up our save to a cloud service or USB device.

  • So, Back-up your save.

  • Load in to Astera, and start Melding using using the 3rd option.

  • While scouting via Melds, do not worry about saving any jewels. MELD EVERYTHING. None of this is permanent; we will be re-loading our save anyway. So you want to get as many melds as you can in your scouting run, to maximize your time/effort ratio.

  • Now the fun part, documentation! You want to note 2 important things: The current amount of Melds you have done, and the name and location of any amazing jewel you see and want to snipe for. For example, I could log down that I’ve looked through 60 Melds and got nothing good, but the 2nd Decoration of my 61st Meld was PIERCE UP and omg I need that shit.

  • Once you’ve found what you want and documented its position, we move on to the fun part, moving the deck forward and sniping that Deco.

How do I move my “deck” forward to snipe the Decoration I want?

  • The first simple method is to a Tier 1 Meld. Every time you do that you move closer to your meld count by 3 Jewels (IE: 1 of your previously counted melds). So in the previous case, you’d need to do 60 T1 melds to get to that awesome Pierce Up Jewel. But honestly that’s a lot of wasted materials, and every material we waste lowers our ability to scout by that much more.

  • The second method to move the list forward is by doing a Quest. However doing a quest can move the list forward by either 1 or 2 steps which is a bit dangerous. Completing 60 quick quests could put you at your 90th meld instead of your 60th, bypassing that Jewel you were sniping. But we still want to use this method. What we’ll be doing is running half the amount of skips we need (so 30 in this case) and then rechecking where that Deco you want is. It sounds like a lot of work, but it won’t take you more than an hour, whereas people have killed 50 hours worth of TED’s with no R8 Jewels to show for it. A more than fair trade imo. EDIT: per u/ScubaRec0n quests advance your melding results with the set repeating pattern of 1-1-2. However you won't know where you start in that pattern. It's suggested to take a few minutes reloading to see exacly where you are in the pattern, and from there you can calculate exactly how many quests you need to do. So in the 60 skip example above, after finding out you are starting on the "2" portion of the pattern, you would need to do 45 quests to get to the 61st result, and the Decoration you're currently sniping).

So now I know how to look through my upcoming rewards, spot any amazing Decos and, manipulate my reward list to snipe them. But this seems so bothersome! I don’t want to constantly have to be worrying about this instead of just playing the game!

  • Don’t worry, there is a pretty non-invasive way to go about making sure you don’t miss out on that 1-in-a-Million Deco the Melder drops, while not interfering with normal play/farming. It just takes a few minutes at the end of your play session.
  • What I do is take a look at the average amount of quests I do in a day. For me personally it’s around 25-30.

  • Using that number, I know I’ll never push my Decoration table more than 60 spots ahead.

  • With that info, I’ll take a couple of minutes before I log off for the day, back up my save, and run though the next 60 Melding results. This takes about 10 minutes.

  • I usually won’t get something good every day, but by doing this I maximize my chances at rare decos, and give myself the peace of mind that I’ll never miss some super-awesome-rare deco in the course of my normal Decoration farming.

  • If I DO get something good in those 60 melding results, I’ll go about sniping them in the previously mentioned manner, usually staying up way too late in the process (WORTH IT).

Okay, got the method down, and incorporated it into my natural play cycle. Now what decorations should I be looking for?

  • First answer: Anything you need. While this method is aimed to make sure you don't miss out on those R7 and R8 Jewels with insanely low drop rates, if you see that R6 Crit Eye Jewel you’ve been itching for by all means snipe it.

  • Second answer: Rare 8 Jewels, and secondly Rare 7 Jewels. Useful 7's & 8’s are beyond rare and are usually pretty powerful. Below is a quick list of all Rare7/8’s to keep an eye out for and their size:

Level 1 Gems

  • (R8) Artillery

  • (R7) Attack Boost

  • (R7) Guard

  • (R8) Mushroomancer

  • (R7) Special Ammo Boost

Level 2 Gems

  • (R7) Agitator

  • (R8) Bow Charge Plus (Legiana 4 Piece Set Bonus)

  • (R8) Capacity Boost

  • (R8) Critical Boost

  • (R8) Critical Draw

  • (R8) Focus

  • (R7) Guard Up (Uragaan 3 Piece Set Bonus)

  • (R7) Heroics

  • (R7) Latent Power

  • (R8) Marathon Runner

  • (R7) Maximum Might

  • (R8) Mind Eye/Ballistic (Rathalos 4 Piece Set Bonus)

  • (R7) Peak Performance

  • (R7) Power Prolonger

  • (R7) Protective Polish (Odogaron 4 Piece Set Bonus)

  • (R7) Resentment

  • (R7) Stamina Surge

Level 3 Gems

  • (R7) Blast Functionality

  • (R7) Elderseal Boost

  • (R8) Free Elem/Ammo Up

  • (R7) Normal Shots

  • (R7) Paralysis Functionality

  • (R8) Piercing Shots

  • (R7) Sleep Functionality

  • (R8) Spread/Power Shots

  • (R8) Handicraft

Anyway, I hope this helps you get that much closer to the true endgame that is Fashion Hunting!

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