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Message to the mods: Ban posts that offer the USJ quest that ask for donations.

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - Message to the mods: Ban posts that offer the USJ quest that ask for donations.

While the title of this post is quite extreme, the purpose of this post is to spark discussion as to whether we should allow this sort of thing within our community.

Firstly, i think we should make a clear difference between three different kinds of posts.

  • 1. The post that is offering the USJ quests for everyone in an equal fashion while also having an option to donate to the good Samaritan that is sharing the the quest.
  • 2. The post that offers the quest to everyone but give priority or some other benefit to those that donate.
  • 3. Posts that offer the USJ quest in return for a donation.

I think that there is something wrong about about people using this sub as a platform to sell a service through monster hunter. If for some reason people started to try to sell 5 slot tempered elder quests, i would like to think that the community would support banning activity as it would 1. protect the gullible and the desperate 2. to prevent scammers from using our sub as a means to earn a quick buck and 3. to protect our community's ethos of being inclusive and friendly.


Bringing it back to the USJ quest ,and asking for donations; i do not think that these people are scammers, however i think that using our sub as a tool to earn money by giving a benefit to donations (i.e. the second and third version of posting the USJ quests) should be banned as 1. it turns our sub into a market place and 2. it corrupts the community that we have created here.

Personally i do not have an issue with the first version, the lovely people that go USJ to get the quest for us all should be allowed to put a link in their posts so that people can repay their kindness. However there is a line that gets crossed when someone offers a transaction of money for a benefit, people are certainly free to do so, but i do not think they should be allowed to do so within this community.


Conclusion/TLDR: the kind people that host the USJ events should be allowed to ask for donations as long as it is not in exchange for any kind of benefit (i.e queue jumping or exclusive access) because that crosses the line of being a donation and becomes a transaction which i think is a step to far, and something that we should not allow within this community.

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