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MH World => MHGU weapon differences

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For people who have cut their teeth on World and already have a favourite weapon, or even veteran players that have gotten used to playing World, there are a lot of differences to be aware of when picking up your weapon in MHGU.

Generations predated World by over two years in Japan, so the weapon usage is a lot more like classic MH* and not the revamped World versions. So you may need to readjust your play style if you're moving to MHGU, or pick a Hunting Style that works for your play style.


Since the MHGU demo just got announced, the best way to test out your weapon is to grab that and play it over and over with different weapon/style combinations. All of the weapons and styles are available with better equipment than the in-game training gives you, so this is the best way to jump in and get a feel for the new old gameplay.

Here are some weapon differences to start off with:


  • There is no forward hop, just the guard advance.
  • There is no power guard, just the normal guard-counter.
  • Guild Style makes the third poke more of a finisher, so if you prefer World-style fluid pokes, you'll want Striker Style.

Hunting Horn

  • There is no "quick poke" if you hold back after an attack.
  • Songs are not stacked. Instead, your attacks get double notes when they hit a monster. If you play a song with all double notes, you play your most recent song in parallel with the current song (i.e. two at once), and can encore both.
  • Otherwise, Guild Style HH is the exact same as in World.

Sword and Shield

  • The backhop wind-up then attack is present in Guild Style, but it doesn't have a jumping follow-up with mounting damage.
  • There is no turn strike – once you start a combo in one direction, you're married to it unless you abort your combo and turn.
  • Generations introduced sword oils for SnS, which give great buffs (affinity, Mind's Eye, Partbreaker, KO/exhaust). You'll want to keep these around.

Dual Blades

  • Pressing A in Demon Mode does not do a spinning charge.
  • In World, the dash is only available in Demon Mode; in Generations, this is also available in Archdemon Mode.


  • Bowguns don't load all ammo at once, so you have to reload every time you change ammo.
  • There's no spread, sticky, wyvern, cluster or slicing ammo, and no Wyvernheart/Wyvernsnipe. In exchange, there are lots of special ammo types that usually show up as internal ammo (see below).
  • Pellet ammo exists as a sort of proto-Spread, but it is unpopular as it trips your teammates.
  • You hold R and use the right stick to aim and A to shoot, so you need a claw grip or a long thumb to aim and shoot at the same time. Alternatively, you can press R to bring up a fixed scope which you can control with the left stick.
  • Most bowguns have internal ammo. This is something you don't need to pack in your inventory, and it will refill itself after every quest. The type/amount depends on the bowgun, and it will be highlighted blue in your ammo select.
  • Heavy Bowgun has a feature called Crouching Fire (more well known in the community as siege mode). By pressing X+A, you go into a static crouching position and can fire off increased amounts of compatible ammo without needing to reload. Siege-able ammo depends on your HBG, and will be highlighted in green in your ammo select.
    (The best siege is in Valor Style, where a Valor Mode siege fires off ammo extremely quickly – this seems to have been the inspiration for World's Wyvernheart.)

Switch Axe

  • The axe's infinite swing combo can't be done from standing position – you need to combo it in from an X+A upswing.

Charge Blade

  • You can charge your shield, but not your sword.
  • SAED (Ultra in Gen) removes red shield (u/GingaSmash2096), but not the blue Valor shield (u/krallendertoten).
  • Ultra deals much less damage but does have great KO potential.
  • The red shield buff to axe attacks is 15% in most styles, with Striker getting 20%. Valor gets 15% for normal axe attacks, but 35% on axe attacks that use phials. (u/GingaSmash2096)
  • You can't chain a shield bash into a Super or Ultra. It instead makes you push your phials into a weaker yellow shield. However, this can prolong a red shield charge if you have red shield already. (u/GingaSmash2096)

Insect Glaive

  • Once in the air, you cannot do a 2nd command to change direction. You can attack on the way down, but you don't get the distance of world. The exception is in Aerial style which always launches you forward (unless you did a backwards jump out of an attack), but you can't bounce on an enemy as in World. (u/NoxAeternal)
  • The kinsect aiming is much harder. The kinsect simply goes in the direction you're facing, not the direction of the camera. (u/NoxAeternal)
  • There is no kinsect powder. You can still mark an enemy, but this just means that sending out the kinsect will auto-target that point. It does not attack autonomously in that spot and leave combustible powder. (u/NoxAeternal)

Everyone, please contribute differences/mental realignments for your favourite weapons!
Also, which Generations style makes most sense for people migrating from World for each weapon?

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