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Mhfu Weapons that are not recommend in low rank for each weapon class.

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Mhfu Weapons that are not recommend in low rank for each weapon class.

After posting a list about the top 5 boring fights in the monster series that I played after a year ago, I would like to step back to mhfu, when low rank is interested. There are a variety of weapons to pick in low rank. But some of these weapons are bad in low rank due to being outclassed and/or just plan bad in general. These are the weapons that I don't recommend in mhfu low rank in each weapon category. Here's the rules before the list.


1. Opinion based:

This is based on my personal opinion from these weapons. If you disagree from these specific weapons, that's fine.

2. How the list works:

This list is about what are the weapons that aren't recommend in the end of low rank. On each category from these weapons are based on the weapons that comes from monsters and other materials to make, not the weapon class themselves. There will be a chance that I will put 2 or more weapons on there respective categories and the reason.

3. Including:

I'm including weapons that are in later low rank, so no early game weapons because the list would been unfair. Lastly, I'm not including novelty weapons since they actually have a purpose of being a joke weapon to themselves rather than a serious weapon.

4.based on:

These weapons are mostly based on how much they stand out the competition rather than the weapon itself. For example, if the weapon fails to stand out of it's competition, there will be a chance that the weapon will be on the bad category of the list.

After all the rules out of the way, here's the weapon that I don't recommend in later/end low rank.



Stats: Attack: 864 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: small yellow at best

Slots: none

The halberd is unsurprisingly a mediocre great sword for a late low rank weapon. It does have an eye-catching quirk from it's raw damage, but unfortunately, like the description said, it doesn't stay sharp for long. The materials requirements also a huge waste since you'll be better off using the ravager blade+. It got outclassed by not one nor two but four great swords. The after mention ravager blade+, the ancient blade, the sieglinde and especially the tactical blade. All these great swords are better alternatives than the halberd since they don't rely heavily on hitting the monster's weak spot due to their better sharpness and the latter three deal more damage. Leaving the halberd struggling.

2.Sparactus blade:

Stats: Attack: 816 Affinity: 10% Sharpness: good green

Slots: 1

The spartacus blade isn't a bad weapon on it's own rights since it deals a good amount of damage, has natural affinity and it has good sharpness for a great sword. However, the sieglinde is at the same upgrade as the spartacus blade but better. The sieglinde deals far more damage, has better sharpness, higher defense boost and it has 2 slots, unlike the spartacus blade. The spartacus blade natural affinity is negligible compare to the qualities that the sieglinde has. So it's outclassed.

2. Longswords:


Stats: Attack: 720 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: poor green Attribute: fire: 350

Slots: none

While the sabre has good fire, the Wyvern blade "blood" is better. The Wyvern blade "blood" deals higher damage and it has far better green than the sabre. The sabre requires a good amount of sharpening in a long hunt. Even then, it generally not worth the materials and the money/zennies. I recommend getting the gunlance instead.


Stats: Attack: 960 Affinity: -10% Sharpness: poor green

Slots: none

Some of you guys are going to be upset that I put this long sword on the list. Sure it has monstrous attack, but it's offset by it's affinity and sharpness. Despite being easier to make, there's no reason to use the tormentor over the supremacy blade. The supremacy blade has no affinity, has higher sharpness, deals the same damage and it has a slot. If you got the supremacy blade, please don't get the tormentor as the materials is pretty much better spend on something else, like the black diablos armor for example.

3.Sword and shields:

1.Black belt sword:

Stats: Attack: 196 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: good green

Slots: 2

The black belt sword is completely outclassed by the master's replica. The master's replica has natural affinity of 20, has higher sharpness and it has 2 slots as well. The black belt sword is one of these weapons that is easy to make but not worth using, due to being worst compare to other sword and shields in low rank. Velocidrome bite+ deals far more damage while also having more sharpness than the black belt sword and it's not hard to get. Making it a worthless weapon to get.

4. Dual blades:

1. Dual tomahawk+:

Stats: Attack: 252 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: long yellow

Slots: none

In paper, it's one of the better dual blades, having high raw and it's easy to make. Unfortunately, in actually, it's a bad weapon to get since it has no green sharpness. This can be a big problem since it defeats the purpose of it's overall damage and yellow sharpness fell short when it's obtained. Velociprey claws+ is far superior due to dealing the same damage while also having way better sharpness and a slot. The Dual tomahawk+ also has materials that are better place on something else. There's no reason to use these dual blades when the velociprey claws+ exist.



1. Black belt hammer:

Stats: Attack: 780 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: poor green

Slots: 3

The black belt hammer is one of these weapons that I'm about to roast hard. I'm never a big fan of this hammer due to its mediocre raw, bad sharpness and it's not worth getting. At the time you reach the range of obtaining it, you can pretty much get the finishing hammer at that level. It deals far more damage, has better sharpness and it's not hard to make if you know how to fight diablos. Who ever thinks the black belt hammer is good, is silly.

2. Ancient relic:

Stats: Attack: 988 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: great green

Slots: none

At first you'll be wondering, "why you put this hammer on there?" The answer is, the existence of the finishing hammer. The finishing hammer has same stats but it's far easier to make, has a 10+ defense bonus and it has a slot. Using the ancient relic over the finishing hammer is questionable and an absolute waste due to being too expensive to make. Why do you spend materials on this when the finishing hammer is obtained earlier? I don't know.

6.Hunting horns:

1.great bagpipe:

Stats: Attack: 832 Affinity: -5% Sharpness: long yellow

Slots: 1

The great bagpipe has bad anything in terms of a 4 star hunting horn. It has minus affinity, bad sharpness and the materials are wasted once you made it. At the moment that it can be obtainable, the war drum+ is stupidly better as it deals higher damage, higher sharpness and it doesn't suffer from negative affinity. The war drum+ is also easy to make as well so you'll be better off with that hunting horn instead of the great bagpipe.



Stats: Attack: 345 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: long green

Slots: 3

Its really hard to do the lances that aren't recommend getting, but it felt like the valhalla felt short from the rest of the late low rank lances. It's damage is mediocre and it's materials are absolutely ridiculous. At the end, it's generally not worth it and I'll be getting the ceanataur stinger and/or diablo spear.

8. Gunlances:

1.Dragon wood gunlance:

Stats: Attack: 299 Affinity: 0% Sharpness: short green Attribute: paralysis: 180

Slots: 1

This is the only gunlance that I think it's bland. The amount of fire Wyvern fluid is just ridiculous and spend somewhere else, it deals poor damage and it has bad sharpness. The only reason to use this gunlance is as a paralysis gunlance. But otherwise, get the imperial gunlance instead.

9.light bowguns:

1.Valkyrie fire:

Base stats: Attack: 168 Affinity: 0% Reload: fast Recoil: moderate

Slots: 1

The valkyrie fire felt so inferior compare to other light bowguns due to having no rapid fire, mediocre damage and very limited element. Other light bowguns like Azure sakura and the separate color rath bowguns are better. Nuff said.

10.heavy bowguns:


Base stats: Attack: 288 Affinity: 0% Reload: very fast Recoil: moderate

Slots: none

The duelcaster is the most inferior of the inferior heavy bowguns in late low rank. It's good damage and lightning fast reload is mitigated by it's ammo variety. It has no elemental shots, it's ammo is limited and it's completely out classed by the lao-shan lung cannon. The lao-shan lung cannon deals more damage, has elemental shots and it has more ammo variety. Use diablos materials on something else than this.

2.lunastra's cannon:

Base stats: Damage: 264 Affinity: 0% Reload: normal Recoil: moderate

Slots: none

Another bad lunastra weapon, it struggles to stand out its main competition, teostra's artillery. Teostra's artillery deals more damage, has natural affinity and it has comparable ammo variety. The 15+ defense bonus doesn't help at all since heavy bowguns are mostly offensive, not defensive.


1.wild bow IV:

stats: Attack: 228 Affinity: 0% Charge attack: 1. Pierce 1 2. Rapid 2 3. Pierce 3 4. Rapid 4

Slots: 3

The wild bow IV may seem enticing at first glance due to its decent damage and good shots, but it doesn't have power coating. It's hopelessly outclassed by the tiger arrow II for a rapid bow. Despite the tiger arrow II having horrible affinity, it deals far more damage, has power coating and it's more worth using.

Dishonorable mentions:

1. Black weapons:

These weapons are not good due to being outclassed by lao-shan lung weapons. The only good black weapon is the gunlance. Outside of that, they're outclassed. I can't put them their because it will fill up the list.

3. Tigrex weapons:

I know this is gonna be controversial but most tigrex weapons except the bow are not good. They have awful negative affinity of -30% to -20%, they are outclassed by stronger alternatives and they're not worth getting. That said, their sharpness is at least good and they have good raw.

I hope you enjoy to this long list of weapons that are not recommend for late/end low rank in mhfu. I'll be doing the recommended weapons for late low rank in freedom unite soon.

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