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MHGen: Disruptive Attacks

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So, I know that LS in general is something to be careful with in regards to disrupting other hunters. As well as certain Hammer, HH, SA and SnS attacks. In addition certain Hunter Arts like Round Force III with the SnS are better left behind for online play. I also am well aware of Cluster and Crag shots when gunning. Are there any other attacks or ammo types that are especially disruptive? I mostly gun or use SnS online and thankfully I know how to trip or bump people as little as possible with the SnS but gunning can be a little more tricky.

What do you do to avoid being too disruptive, especially when gunning? I try to establish an angle where I can reliably fire upon the monster without my trajectory being directly on the head if someone is already there or is moving towards the head when the monster is down for whatever reason. I've noted that even non-explosive ammo can be somewhat disruptive, but is it within reasonable limits that someone get bogged down a little by my pierce rounds? How much is acceptable and how much isn't?


And lastly, I like to bow online quite a bit, especially with Pierce bows. Since bows don't appear to be so common, I haven't had much experience being interrupted by a bow user when playing as a blademaster. Are bow shots disruptive? If so, which ones and how bad?

Thanks for any feedback. I sometimes get annoyed with other online players not knowing proper etiquette but sometimes I find that I could perhaps improve myself as well.

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