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MHGen (not U)- LR Elder Dragons, First Impressions?

MonsterHunterWorld3 - MHGen (not U)- LR Elder Dragons, First Impressions?

So… got into HR4 awhile back (about a month or two) and haven't had the time to really dive in yet until now. That said, i'd still like to finish Low Rank, deal with the Elder Dragons, etc… so that's what i've been doing.

  • I did fight Teostra when i hit HR4, but i honestly can't remember anything about it at all.
  • Kirin was… an interesting but kinda slow fight, that i did a bit before Teostra. I did the stupid thing and brought a Seregios/Uragaan set despite having very little experience with GS aside from a bit of Aerial style shenanigans… couldn't charge my draw attack at all because of Kirin's lightning and movement, but that was fine. Poking at Kirin with uncharged draw attacks and dodging lightning actually made it a memorable fight despite, or maybe because of, my stupid decision of equipment (of course, i did farm Kirin armor, because iconic sets for a female Hunter.)
  • Chameleos… i don't like Chameleos. I don't hate fighting it, but it's seriously annoying having it move each and every time i try to line up a hit (also courtesy of my dabbling in GS). The poison and invisibility isn't too bad; actually, the invis isn't too hard to predict since Cham seems to try to attack from behind you every single time? Also… is the Tail hitzone really only the swirl at the end of the 'leaf'? I've gone entire hunts hitting the 'leaf' and killing Cham before the tail gets cut off, and thus only getting the tail very inconsistently (and requiring more hunts than i should've needed as a result, to further the annoyance)
  • Kushala Daora… surprisingly i kinda like this fight. It's like a more relaxing Rath fight. The wind barrier is a bit of a pain, but never enough to really annoy me. My first attempt with Aerial Glaive went quite well (didn't bother with poison), found out i liked the way the gear looked and thus fought again with the Chameleos Swaxe… and even though Kushala was poisoned most of the fight, i didn't really notice a difference in the wind barrier. Is this just a case of misinformation, or…?
  • On a side note, Swaxe was an… interesting fight. I absolutely could not maintain a Demon Riot against Kushala (though i had long since run out of the Hunter Drinks from the various dlc's so i couldn't check if the boost would've been enough), but i did run into one of those "Couldn't do that again if i tried, wish i had caught it on video" moments… what the hell would the frame data even look like, drawing my Swaxe, getting immediately interrupted by a roar cancelling the animation (nothing out of the ordinary so far), mashing R to reload my Swaxe and getting staggered by the wind barrier appearing before the reload animation even started but still refilling 50% of the gague.

What experiences have you guys had with the Elder Dragons?


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