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[MHGen] Stuff to get done before generations ultimate comes out.

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With the announcement of Generations Ultimate and the fact that you can transfer generations save data to generations ultimate, now would be a good time to mention what you can get done generations to prepare for generations ultimate.

1) Beat High Rank Nakarkos (No Brainer so you can start G rank part asap)

2) Unlock all the hunter arts in generations (They will carry over to generations ultimate. The unlocks are on mhgen kiranico).

3) Do all the deviant quests. Every existing deviant get more quests in generations ultimate which requires you to have finished the current 10 quests in generations before you can start them.

4) Complete village requests (So you have to deal with less of them when generations ultimate comes around) At the very least unlock R series armor. Unlocking XR series in Generations Ultimate just requires you to unlock the R series armor.

5) Get your dlc cats (Mainly to have dlc skills)

6) Charm farm (There's plenty of charms you want to have for generations ultimate)

  • <Element> Atk +12/13 OOO (The max you can get in generations ultimate)
  • Attack +10 OOO (Max you can get in generations ultimate)
  • Expert +10 OOO (Max you can get in generations ultimate)
  • Artillery +10 OOO (Max you can get in generations ultimate)

Due to Altal Ka armor, You should look out for any two of the following skills at minimum +4 or +9 depending on if the skill requires +10 or +20:

  • Tenderizer
  • Expert
  • Attack
  • Sharpness
  • Chain Crit
  • Normal Up
  • Pierce Up
  • Heavy Up
  • Spread Up if you like spread/pellets
  • Crit Element
  • Fast Charge
  • Handicraft

Altal Ka Armor gives talisman up (doubles skill pts for talismans) and skill pts. +2 (adds two skills points to any existing skill point). This means a Tenderizer +4 Expert +9 OOO talisman for example using Altal Ka Armor will get you Tenderizer +10 and Expert +20 with 3 slots to use however you want.

7) Get Hayabusa Feather (It's the same in Generations Ultimate as in Generations). You can also get barrage earring which might be helpful later on as well.

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