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[MHGU] Merits of Guild Heavy Bowgun?

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So I'm currently in the process of familiarizing with gunning in both World and GU. I asked and got helpful advice on bowguns to make for late low rank/early high rank (thanks!), and I'm in the process of gathering materials to upgrade Nargacuga HBG/LBG, Najarala HBG, and Tigrex HBG while gunning to get a feel for it. And while, from what I've seen, adept style is practically only upside for both weapons, and valor style on HBG is reportedly straight up broken, I'm sticking to guild style for now to get a sense of how the weapons' baseline functionality.

Now, the light bowgun is working just fine for me (if a bit slow on hunt times), unsurprisingly as it is definitely more beginner friendly, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to heavy bowgun. I just tried hunting low rank Tigrex with my current Najarala heavy, which has 150 raw and normal 2 siege; I figured those stats were good enough (and they probably are) but the hunt was a miserable experience that took almost 30 minutes and I almost triple-carted (yes, I know, I'm not particularly proud of it). Now, maybe it was foolhardy to jump so quickly into hunting a monster like Tigrex with an unfamiliar weapon that has almost zero mobility, but even as I got more comfortable with the hunt (reminding myself that being close to Tigrex is usually safer than staying away, even with a gun), I felt like I wasn't making much progress, and importantly, I realized I have no idea how to use siege mode effectively. I tried using siege after paralyzing Tigrex with status ammo and while he was eating, as well as when he collapsed while charging but in both cases, with the time it took to position correctly, I barely got in more than a normal clip's worth of shots then stood there stupidly as he decided he wanted to have me for breakfast. I realize better play would involve entering siege mode pre-emptively, but still, I'm having a hard time seeing how to use this weapon well.


So how do you hunt Tigrex with Guild Heavy Bowgun, anyway? What's the best way to use siege mode? Should I have equiped a shield instead of damage to help with his charging? Is it inherently harder for HGB due to Tigrex's moves? Is gunning in Gen 4's dunes and other uneven maps ever enjoyable?

Of course, I can see how giving Heavy Bowgun the adept evade would make the weapon significantly easier to use (and also adept apparently lets you roll out of siege???), but earlier games didn't have that option. I tried looking up videos of Guild HBG, and HBG in older games, but the majority of them seem to come from MHFU (where I gather HBG was very strong). I'd like to get a good feel for the weapon before I branch out to other styles, but I just don't "get" it yet.

So I'm asking: What are the selling points of Guild style Heavy Bowgun? What are tips to keep in mind when hunting with it? What are the best ways to minimize its downsides? This is, of course, assuming I don't have end-game weapons, and before taking Armor skills into account. For all of you gunners out there: How do you bring out this weapon's strengths effectively? I'd love to hear from fans of the weapon and learn to love it as well 🙂

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