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[MHGU] MHGU community has been wonderful

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Last night I joined an online lobby to complete the 1* key quests. Had a bit of a conversation with the host as we waited for two more hunters to join. Went on some quests, had a good time. The host also prompted us to choose which key quests we still needed doing, until we had all completed them. Then we took turns beating the urgent quest – that's right, four monkeys in a row. Actually five, because yours truly took the third cart after deciding that powershotting for approximately 1 damage was more important than sheathing and healing. Anyway, eventually we were all HR2 and called it a night. I've played MH for hundreds of hours, but never gotten very far, so it was a huge step for me. I think the others might have been in the same boat, because we were all a bit shit at hunting and we would spam 'Congratulations'+Clapping after each quest. Some other good things happened too. The longsword would spam 'Getting serious!' while purposefully batting us away from gathering nodes post-hunt. In the moment (2AM) it was the funniest act in the world. Whenever someone got snowmanned (usually by the monkey) we would all drop what we were doing and rush over to slash them out of it. We all brought shock traps to the quests, and would race to place them first, so that there usually ended up being 3 or 4 down at once. These things seem like such a waste of efficiency, but it was all in good fun.


I just want to thank this community for encouraging such co-operation and kind behaviour. I really felt like I was playing with these strangers for fun, not just for grinding. I don't know if I'll touch village quests again soon, multiplayer is a blast.

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