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[MHGU] Notes on the balanced kinsect (it’s probably better than you think!)

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The balanced kinsects (Elscarad and Arginesse) improved quite a bit since vanilla Monster Hunter Generations, but I don't think the bug's effects have been well documented.

The balanced kinsect now provides party-wide buffs, regardless of your teammates' weapon type. In vanilla MHG, I believe this was limited to other IG players only. These buffs are shown as displayed buffs next to players' nameplates.

• These party-wide buffs are independent of your own stored nectars' timer, and will last about sixty seconds. This timer can be refreshed by grabbing red, white, or orange nectars again during that time frame.

• A Lv. 6 balanced kinsect, which is when the kinsect initially evolves to Elscarad or Arginesse, provides +5 raw attack, +10% affinity, and +5 (unconfirmed but likely) defense.

• At Lv. 9, the balanced kinsect gains an Extract Skill named "Wide-Range Up." This improves the party-wide buffs and has nothing to do with the similarly named armor skill called "Wide-Range."

A Lv. 9 balanced kinsect provides buffs of +10 raw attack, +15% affinity, and +10 defense. Duration is still around sixty seconds.


I also have clips demonstrating that the attack and affinity boosts are tied to the displayed buff next to your hunter's nameplate, and are not tied to your stored nectars, as you might expect if you're used to playing a speed kinsect.

I have Critical Eye +2 with Crimson Fatalis's Absolute Ruiner Glaive, which totals 35% base affinity.

I land Extract Hunter III on a monster here. My stats become 355 attack, 50% affinity, and 913 defense.

The buffs next to my nameplate wear off. I drop to 345 attack, 35% affinity, and 902 defense.

Lastly, my stored nectars disappear. Defense drops to 836, but attack and affinity do not change.

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