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MHGU on Switch still worth it now mid 2019, or is a new one coming out soon?

MonsterHunterWorld3 - MHGU on Switch still worth it now mid 2019, or is a new one coming out soon?

I have played all 4 games on the PSP, and United was my favorite title of all time (2000+ hours total on Freedom 2/United alone). Hated the 3DS cause of the controls, and quit 20 hour in. I saw World on TV and got excited, something I wanted since I played it on the PSP. I bought it day 1 and enjoyed the shit out of it til about 90 hours in. After 90 hours, I personally felt that it was kinda bland/disappointing/dull.

Everthing under this is a little rant about why I am not satisfied with World. Its off topic

It wasn't the same as United. I soon realized that World is a completely different game from the MH that I knew. There are many many MANY improvements over the PSP ones, but I still miss those "flaws" (Paint ball, loading screen between arena). Im not saying World is bad, in fact its a amazing game. Its beautiful, The whole game is open world, the graphics are amazing, the ecosystem makes it feel alive, and you can see the monster you caught after the mission with all of its injures still on it. You can catch bugs and have them as your pet, THAT'S IS AWESOME AND FUN AS HELL. But, it also feels like a completely different game. Im basically saying its not for me. Im glad new players are getting into it, and that the game is finally get the huge recognition in the west after nearly a decade.


My main issues with world was the lack of monsters, and the weapon/armor tree being small, and kinda boring/not unique. I also started over recently after 4 months break, and omg, the cut scenes. I cant skip them and its long and annoying and pissing me off. I dont care for the story and just want to hunt. I already seen them once. I know that a huge DLC is coming out and hopefully they add a lot more monsters, and more weapon/armor designs. I am interested and a little excited, but I am also kind of done with world, it currently feels kinda lacking, or empty. Im not sure what it is that makes it different, its most likely a lot of nostalgia is ruining the game for me.

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I'll prob get the DLC after seeing how it fares. Side-note, thought about getting World on PC, but dont want the hassle of re-watching the story for the 3rd time, so I might skip out on the PC version.

Rant End

I was recently told that there was one on the Switch that I was unaware of. I looked it up and it looks like classic Monster Hunter, and I think i would enjoy it more. However, Im worried that Im going to get this game and a new one will come out, or that this game isnt that good. Should I wait for a new one to come out or bite the bullet and get it?

TLDR; Is MHGU on switch still worth getting now, or is there another game coming out soon that I should wait for instead (not including Iceborn DLC)?

Edit; Grammer

Awesome thanks guys. Im going to get it. I was expecting some hate, but I haven't read anything of the sort as of yet. I really do love this community. You guys are always the best, and Im glad to be part of it.

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