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[MHGU] Prowler Compendium Redacted

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Prowlers can be thought of as the 15th weapon type introduced in MHGen.

There are multiple ways to play as cats usually changing between ranged and melee attacks.

Cats are popular since you know, cats. (They have even seen a good amount of use in Time Attacks based on the XX TA Wiki.)

Unfortunately, Prowlers have the worst time attack times in XX due to nerfs from MHGen:

  • Stat rescaling when leveling up cats from gen to xx.
  • This is something I didn't really mention in the 1st version of this compendium which is definitely my mistake but World's Strongest also took a nerf.
  • With both of these nerfs, the gap between MHGen Cats and MHXX Cats is smaller than desirable. MHXX cats end up having close to high rank attack stats in a G Rank game (<
    MHGen (Max Lv 50) Health Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Charisma 140 100 100 145 Fight 140 120 120 145 Guard 140 100 100 188 Assist 140 90 90 145 Recovery 140 90 90 174 Bomber 140 110 110 145 Collect 140 90 90 130
    MHXX/GU (Max Lv 99) Health Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense
    Charisma 140 110 104 204
    Fight 140 115 110 204
    Guard 140 115 99 236
    Assist 140 99 115 150
    Recovery 140 99 99 215
    Bomber 140 105 110 182
    Collect 140 99 121 129
    Beast 140 121 93 236

    There was also a bomb multiplier stat but the only type of cat where that matters is Bomb Cat and that's 1.2x boost to its bombs in XX/GU.


    On the bright side, they did receive a bunch of quality of life changes and skills:

    • New moves like Farcaster, Acorn Muncher which lets you eat an acorn for 3 bars, etc.
    • Ability to re roll skills and moves (Re Roll Guide by Gaijinhunter)
    • Easy lv up method via disposable cat method: Gaijinhunter Video
    • Ability to Transmog cat armor

    Despite these quality of life buffs, the damage nerf really overshadows them. Prowlers have their loyal, dedicated users regardless.

    Gaijinhunter Video about making good prowlers.

    Thread for Prowler Move Unlocks (To unlock prowler moves, you have to bring the cat with you one time to hunt the monster specified for the move)

    There are a few Prowler Types you want to scout for:

    • Collect for boomerang as it has the highest ranged attack in XX plus new boomerang combo
    • Bomb for boomerang plus adept evade
    • Beast for Melee
    • Guard for boomerang plus counters

    Boomerang Cat Moves:

    • Acorn Muncher to start with bar for moves
    • Big Boomerang and Pierce Boomerangs for better boomerangs
    • Mega Boomerang for special boomerang attack
    • Dung Bomb to either escape pins or make monster leave the zone
    • Emergency Retreat to escape pressure, heal health and status, etc.
    • Bomb Bombay is optional for Bomb cats
    • Optional: Traps or Farcaster

    Boomerang Cat Skills:

    • Boomerang Pro for quicker charge speed to throw boomerangs
    • Weakness Exploit for more damage
    • Crit Up L and/or S for more damage
    • Optional: World's Strongest for more damage
    • Optional: Earplugs, Negate Poison, Ranged Attack +
    • Crit Boost is too costly, you need room for other skills
    • Guard Up for Guard Cats
    • Bomb boost for Bomb Cats
    • Attack Up S/L are also good for more damage

    Boomerang Weapons:


    Boomerang Cats are used more for Time Attacks due to element/status spam. Accurate as of 12/19/17 – Popular choices were Shagaru Magala, Divinesight, Hyper Gore, White Fatalis, and Silverwind from most popular to 5th. Source for Cat TA weapon Usage

    Beast Cats:

    So Beast Cats have a mechanic similar to Long Sword Spirit Guage where it has a combo finisher (X4) that "lvs" you up while in beast mode:

    • Lv 1: Rocksteady from MH4U essentially
    • Lv 2: +15% affinity
    • Lv 3: SP Mode
    • Doing that combo finisher in Lv 3 will have a follow up aerial barrage (does mounting damage and can change direction beforehand).

    Few other things about Beast Cat:

    • You can get to X4 finisher quicker with A > X > X.
    • R does a quick back hop that can be used to evade attacks (Can be done 3 times in a row).
    • All attacks have mind's eye in Beast Mode.

    Beast Cat Moves:

    • Beast Mode to go into beast mode
    • Power Roar lets you share your buffs with teammates.
    • Acorn Muncher to start with bar for moves
    • Claw Dance for damage
    • Emergency Retreat to escape pressure, heal health and status, etc.
    • Felyne Comet to close distance
    • Dung Bomb to escape pins or make monster leave zones
    • Soothing Roll for healing
    • Optional: Weapon Upgrade to boost attack and sharpness, Traps, Farcaster

    Beast Cat Skills:

    • World's Strongest is pretty useful for Beast
    • Weakness Exploit for more crit on top of the 15% from lv 2
    • Crit Boost is more useful with Beast Cat than other cats
    • Optional: Earplugs to ignore roars, Evasion with that back flip evade is reminscent of 4U evade lance.
    • Crit Up L if Weakness Exploit has no chance of triggering
    • Atk Up S/L are decent too

    Beast Weapons:

    Beast Weapons want more melee attack than boomerang attack since they never use boomerang once they are in beast mode. They can vary depending on crit vs non crit build too.

    I didn't have a list of armors initially because world's strongest doesn't let you use armor as a trade off for the boost. That said, for those interested in armor, here's a list:

    Remember that cat armor can also be transmogged if you don't like the looks of the armor on this list.

    Time Attack Videos:

    Special Shoutout to /u/aklassen_mh for videos and some prowler info.

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