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[MHGU] Prowler Healing and You

MonsterHunterWorld1 - [MHGU] Prowler Healing and You

I Initially started writing this as a means of relaying information I learned about the flask, as there was next to nothing on it I could find. However as I began testing other moves to compare it to, I began to notice that they tend to be quite different than they used to heal for. So I'm posting this as a Healing guide so anyone wanting to make a prowler will know what moves they want to keep themselves alive and going. The following is based on my testing and experience (the numbers based on the notches on the hp bar, with each notch roughly 5 hp).

Furlask of Healing: 1hp per second about for 37 seconds (basically 37 hp) for 1 bar. 3 things to note: 1 this still works while underground (however you can't activate it there). 2: it can heal allies you pass by (though you'll have to be right next to or on top of them), even while you are underground. 3rd is allies can gain the benefit for longer, however they can also have it cut short if they are not always right next to you.
Herb Horn: 15hp (it's free, and everyone has it)
Health Horn: 50hp for 2 bar (notably faster cast time than the other choices, including flask)
True Health Horn: 75hp for 3 bar, and considering your a healing bias if you have this, you also activate SP Mode
Soothing Roll: 20hp, Cures ailments, and 1hp per second while rolling for about 4 seconds max without the skill (there's an event palico with a skill that increases this moves movement speed)
Detox Horn: 15hp, also cures poison and soiled for 1 bar (also as fast as health horn)
Emergency Escape: 30hp, invincible and goes underground for 1 bar


Support Bias: Prowlers of this Bias get an additional "toot" after any horn they use for an herb horn's worth (even sonic, armor, demon, and cheer horns get this too) for free; can also be canceled with an evade, and these guys come with the skill to use horn moves faster
Widewhiskers Horn: Not a horn (instead a stationary gramophone); gives allied hunters wide range, and some of your horns heal for roughly 25% more: Herb and Bias heals 5 more (now 20hp), Health heals 15 more (now 65), and True Health heals 25 more (now 100hp). Detox and non-horn-based moves do not gain additional healing. Buff persists for 1 minute before needing to refresh. Device itself Lasts 2 min and cannot be destroyed by monster attacks.
I'd put Furbidden Acorn there, but you're also eating an acorn to activate it for the heal, something you'd get anyways if you health reached 0. Besides, you're not using it for the heal anyways.

The only thing I remain unsure of still is how the flask works with allies, as there seems to be a lot of gray area regarding how long it will last for them. I've seen fellow hunters heal over time stop while my flask was going still, and also still recovering health when my palico next to me has their flask fall off. Still even if you wanted to heal allies, the horns (even the freebie on a beast cat) could do the job better. It seems more like a selfish healing method that has an added bonus.

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