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[MHGU] So we ran into an odd glitch tonight…

MonsterHunterWorld1 - [MHGU] So we ran into an odd glitch tonight...

Me, a friend and a couple of randoms were hunting Hyper Deviljho, as you do. Someone ate for Felyne Insurance, but even so, our party suffered its fourth defeat after Deviljho fell asleep and we blew it up. The message boxes popped up as normal – 'Reward has decreased by XX000z.' 'Reward decreased to 0z.' 'Quest failed…'


Except me and my friend's hunters didn't seem to get the message. We could still move and attack as normal, even as the other two players collapsed to their hands and knees and Deviljho's attacks started going right through them as if they weren't there. It was almost dead, so we figured hey, we can finish it off between us. We proceeded to kill the Hyper Jho, and it just kind of quietly keeled over with no fanfare instead of the Quest Complete screen showing up – which makes sense, because we'd already 'failed' the quest, apparently. The Quest Info screen was showing 0z reward remaining and 3/3 defeats. But we still carved it, and I was still able to exit via Subquest as normal because we blew its face up and completed the subquest earlier. The main reward was down to 0z, but I still got the Hunter Rank Points and zenny for completing the subquest, as well as the subquest and part break rewards, just as normal.

I'm glad the Exit via Subquest button worked, because my first carve was a Deviljho Crook. But… yeah, just thought I'd share our strange experience.

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