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MhGU vs MhWorld – Which is the better game?

img intro02 1024x503 - MhGU vs MhWorld - Which is the better game?

I'm gonna split this into objectives (facts) and subjectives (my opinions)


Let's start with the number of monsters: Generations Ultimate has 93, including deviants but not including small monsters like Bullfango.

World has – as of the time I'm writing this – 34 monsters including DLC (but not including tempered and arch tempered monsters for obvious reasons), and although this number may increase, it is highly unlikely it will ever reach the level Generations Ultimate has. 1 point to Generations Ultimate

Monster Variety:

Not including small monsters,

Generations Ultimate has

  • 3 amphibians
  • 12 bird wyverns
  • 8 brute wyverns (not counting raging brachy or savage jho)
  • 4 carapaceons
  • 11 fanged beasts (not counting bulldrome)
  • 2 fanged wyverns
  • 21 flying wyverns (not including akantor or ukanlos but including gore magala)
  • 6 leviathans
  • 3 Neopterons
  • 3 piscine wyverns
  • 15 elder dragons (including akantor and ukanlos)

World has

  • 3 bird wyverns
  • 5 brute wyverns
  • 5 fanged wyverns
  • 9 flying wyverns (including rath subspecies)
  • 2 piscine wyverns
  • 10 elder dragons

1 point to generations ultimate


World wins this one. The graphics are wonderful and framerate is pretty stable depending on the platform you're on. Generations is an upscaled 3ds game that is locked to 30fps with very noticable drops. 1 point to World.



Generations Ultimate is on the Nintendo Switch and 3ds and the platforms can crossplay… if you live in japan. Anywhere else it's only on the switch.

World is on PC, Ps4 and Xbox One and although they can't cross-play it's still way more accessible than GU. 1 point to World


GU is portable which makes it better imo. World also doesn't have a pause button, which is actually really weird, but GU does.

Technically GU should win in terms of combat due to hunting styles, but World incorporated a lot of the moves into the default moveset, which is also pretty good.

In terms of locations, GU should also win due to it having more. However, a lot of the locations in GU are from older games and thus look like complete shit even in HD. Not only are the locations in World a lot prettier, but there are no loading zones which is something I didn't think would be as awesome as it is.

Even though Generations Ultimate has much better weapon designs, I didn't think it would really be fair to give it a point because of that.

OST's are generally subjective but I can't choose in between them.

What are your thoughts?

EDIT: Fine GU gets a point for weapon design. Sorry World, but gluing a rathalos scale onto a charge blade is complete shit compared to whats in GU.


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