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MHW Adaptation Issue Discussion (Monologue?)

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The first MH game I got was Tri in 2010/2011 when I was in tenth grade. I have no idea exactly why I bought it, but I fell in love immediately. I wasn't a particularly huge gamer back then, but I remember looking at my game time and seeing that I'd somehow sunk eighteen hours of play into a single day.

I was so bad when I started, during the first against Great Jaggi – I ran out of whetstones and potions and had to forage for them during the battle. I was so slow that he maxed out his Jaggi summons and they ended up circling around me while he did his howler monkey yelling. It took close to fifty minutes, but I barely managed to win. It was such a thrill. I ended up farming him as practice for Qurupeco until I managed to get him down. Barroth and Gobul ended up being huge hurdles for me since I'd always time out. I have no idea how many attempts Gobul took me, but when I finally managed to beat him I unlocked long swords and things just clicked into place for me.

I was hooked.

I went on to play Portable 3rd and 3U (with my siblings, this was such a blast) before graduating and going to college. I even tried MHFU. After that I cut down on gaming, although we all did end up getting 4U back in 2014 and would play it on occasions when we'd meet up, I think it might my favorite game in the series. By the time Generations came out in 2015 I'd pretty much quit gaming, I bought it, but never really got into it. Over the games I turned my back on the LS, picked up the lance then settled into maining primarily the hammer and great sword (I did invest some hours into the insect glaive which was pretty fun). I don't think that I ever did not enjoy the series.

When MHW came out on PC in 2018 I pre-ordered it. I'd avoided all trailers and gameplay because I didn't want to spoil myself. I had time to start gaming again in 2019, but for some reason I couldn't get into this iteration. I played maybe twenty five to thirty hours or so and focused on getting through the main story line, but it just felt like such a slog and I ended up quitting pretty much right afterward.


The graphics of the game are beautiful, the environment seems so alive, scoutflies are amazing, the unbreakable whetstone/pickaxe/bug net are all incredibly convenient, – there's been so much forward progression – but for some reason I just don't enjoy the game. I can't quite put my finger on why. I never minded the grind before, in fact I played it for the grind and to see improvement against monsters, but maybe it's because I find the weapons and armors really visually unappealing in this game for some reason so I don't have a reason to play? Maybe the game's buffed the hunter too much (never thought I'd say this, muh difficulty)? Or realistically it's just more that I'm not going to struggle as much against a creature versus someone who's playing for the first time. PERHAPS I JUST MISS THE POST POTION FLEX. Nothing quite as satisfying as losing all the life I just healed while pumping my guns. I feel like the only beast I really enjoyed facing off against was that one electric Nargacuga lizard thing. I honestly have no idea why I can't get into it, but maybe it's really because of the weapon/armor models.

I thought I'd get Iceborne and give it another chance when G Rank came out (anyone else feel the same way only to have the DLC suck them back in?) or try again with a weapon I've never touched, but I ended up never doing either one of those. I don't even know what monsters came with the expansion. Dame da ne moment.

Of course I'm really glad to see the series getting the popularity boost it deserves and the influx of people who've fallen in love with it.

Thanks for attending my TED talk, we'll be covering Kraft mac and cheese next.

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