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MonsterHunterWorld3 - [MHW] Aerial Lance build

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Hey huntresses and hunters. I come with a very funny set made for the Lance weapon. As you may know it, the lance has a small jump move when charging, and the set aims to take the most of both the charge and the jump.

Disclaimer : this is a fun build, made to have fun. Don't go hunt tempered Kirin with that thing, or else you will have a surprise.


Here are the talents you must seek for this build (decreasing order of importance) :

  • Master Mouter Lv 1 : Core skill of the build. Aerial is meant for mounting after all.
  • Jump master Lv 1 : Game changing.
  • Marathon Runner Lv 3 : You will be able to run for ages.
  • Stamina Surge Lv 3 : You will be unstoppable with this.
  • Earplugs Lv 5 : To not be disturbed. Always apreciated.
  • Airborne Lv 1 : Not much of use, but a little damage boost is always nice.
  • Affinity sliding Lv 1 : Mostly useless, unless you're in a GORRAM SLIDING ZONE.

The Lance lovers may notice that there is no Guard Lv 5 here… but it wouldn't be much of use anyway.


Here is the set I'm using :

  • Weapon : Gama Lance III –because of the two Lv 2 jewel slots, plus the weapon is pretty
  • Head : Lumu Alpha (Stamina Surge Lv 2)
  • Chest : Lumu Beta (Master Mounter Lv 1)
  • Arms : Legiana Beta (Airborne Lv 1) –the Lv 3 slot is appreciated
  • Waist : Diablos Beta (Marathon Runner Lv 2)
  • Legs : Rath Beta (Jump Master) –unskippable
  • Charm : Earplugs Charm Lv 3

That gives us 6 jewel slots (which is not much) with the following levels :

I thus use thiese jewels :

  • Earplug ×2
  • Marathon Runner ×1
  • Stamina Surge ×1
  • Affinity Sliding ×1
  • One free slot (for whatever you want/need)

This requires a lot of jewels, but you could achieve it without them by dumping Airbirne and Affinity Sliding (or even Earplug but I would not recommend that.

And of course, Rocksteady Mantle to keep uninterrupted. I like to use the Affinity Booster as secondary survival item, because you end up moving and circling around a lot.

How to use the build

You have two main moves with this build :

  1. Charge the monster and then press A + Up to jump and then perform an aerial attack.
  2. Charge the monster until you're past them, then press A + Down to turn around and repeat until your sharpness it yellow.


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