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In old times there were "challenges" (e.g. like what speed runners do, making the life harder on purpose.

Since this game has multiple save slots maybe that is just the right tool to have fun. While waiting for G-Rank, for no fast travel, for the reason to cook steak, for the reason to use single shot auto reload LBG etc. I am considering creating a new character just to do challenges. Record the video of the story and put them on YouTube along the way. That might be fun… and I have no money for new games. So what kind of ideas you all have for MHW that is both fun and not too tedious? (Things like no damage run does not sounds like fun in a game like this for example)

I am considering these challenges :

  • Full-set only : You are not able to mix and match armor, but free to equip any deco and weapons. You cannot use a new armor you created until you get a full set.

  • Mid-hunt preset only : You are prohibited to selectively change any of your equipment. Tweaking your character must be via using a preset. (Mantles, etc. also in a set)

  • Full-set preset only : An extension of above, your must name your armor loadout preset as the name of that set for aesthetic. You cannot have the same name with different decorations or different weapon. This forces you that if you want to switch weapon mid-hunt it must be a part of some full-set preset you prepared. But at Astera you are allowed to mix any weapon for any full set.

  • Weaponmaster : Weapon graph number in your guild card cannot have a difference of any of them more than 1 at any point, so you have to rotate weapons every time you play, even forcing you to use under developed weapons.

  • Easy Weaponmaster : A more lenient version. You are allowed to select only 6 types of weapon from total so that the rotation is smaller. But those 6 weapons cannot have the same streamstone category. (i.e. If you choose Great Sword, you cannot choose Long Sword) You are allowed to play the other 6 for a change but those weapon also must have the difference of play count between them not more than 1.

Combined, it might force me to for example equip free elem set just to have the right element for the weapon I am allowed to use.

  • No camp item restocking : You not allowed to enter the item box menu at the camp. If you want more of something you have to craft from things in the field. (Only for solo play, it could cause problems for others in SOS)

  • No camp canteen : Combined with above you might have to reserve your 2 Max Potions for when you die. (Only for solo play, it could cause problems for others in SOS)

  • Foreign language : Just for fun I will start this new file in Japanese text and voice over.

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