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MHW : Did you know that Nergigante is right-handed?

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Been doing SOS with him for a couple of days in a row and after seeing a couple of wipes and wins, I noticed that Nergi is a right handed monster. Almost all of his more powerful, and some would say annoying, attacks are performed with his right hand. To start, his jumping smash attack that have a very long reach that can easily screw over a ranged Hunter which he always perform with his right hand. Next is his ground pound attack where he stand on his hind legs, pause for a second before smashing his right hand into the ground and also unleashing spikes in a radius around his hand, catching people who rolled too early. Once his health get lower and he enter his unique rage mode where the camera pan out and he opens his wings and let out a different sounding roar, he can perform a flying version of the ground pound attack which is much faster and hit much harder which is only done with his right hand. Last but not least is his signature dive bomb once he is fully or almost covered in black spikes where he will take to the sky and adjust his body to smash into a Hunter with the right side of his body. Even this is shown in the cutscenes where he attack you and the other Hunters on Zorah back have him attacking most of the time with his right hand, only attacking once with his left hand once it got spikes growing on it. It is also interesting to note that since he is right handed, fighting on his left AKA your right will make him a whole lot easier to fight against. His ground pound attack with the exploding spikes will miss you entirely if you keep to his left while staying to his right risk you getting hit and maybe one shotted by the exploding spikes even if you dodged the initial claw smash.

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