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You can find a list of every event quest and item at the link below.
You can also use this list to keep track of the items you have and the ones you still need.

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    MHW – Event Rewards Guide


Updated: 07/21/20


Below you will find the most recent events and items released.

1⭐1Fetching Light PearlsDeliver Light Pearls × 8Faux Kelbi ✨Herbivore Ticket I1
2⭐3CamoflawedRathianFaux Aptonoth ✨Herbivore Ticket II1
3⭐9Seeing is BelievingTigrexStrong AleSpirited Canteen Ticket1
Master Ale ⚒️Spirited Canteen Ticket1
6⭐24Don't Forget The Earplugs!Yian GarugaHare Band ✨Pilot Hare Ticket3
6⭐24Monkey BusinessFurious RajangGoldspring Macaque ✨Goldspring Ticket3
6⭐24The Naked TruthShara IshvaldaInnerwear α Armor Set ✨Inner Eye Ticket3
Innerwear β Armor Set ✨Inner Eye Ticket3



Sizzling Spice FestJuly 22 to Aug. 06Passion Armor Set ✨VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket5
2020Passion α + Armor SetSizzling Spice Ticket5
Aloha α + Palico Set 🐾Sizzling Spice Ticket3
Summer Twilight Ticket3
Pukei α + Palico Set 🐾Sizzling Spice Ticket3
Sizzling Sun 📿Sizzling Spice Ticket3
Sizzling Sun (Ice) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Sizzling Sun (Grape) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Sizzling Sun (Dragon) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Sizzling Sun (Litchi) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Sizzling Sun (Guava) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Sizzling Sun (Lemon) 📿VIP Sizzling Spice Ticket2
Eggsotic Costume 🐽Enter Hub Once
Background: Carnival of LifeEnter Hub Once
Pose: Pose for the MemoriesEnter Hub Once
Room DecorEnter Hub Once
Room DecorVIP Sizzling Spice Ticket4




Low Rank / High Rank
⭐ Master Rank
✨ Layered
📿 Pendant
⚒️ Upgrade
🐾 Palico Equipment
🐽 Poogie Outfit
📜 Obtained From Another Quest
💜 Tempered
🧡 Arch-Tempered
🎮 Console Exclusive




Hello everyone!


This list was created originally for myself and grew to be something that hopefully can help everyone.


Unfortunately, it has grown too big to list everything in a Reddit post so now I just list the most recent
events and items in this post and use the spreadsheet to keep track of everything.


I do have hopes of making a website dedicated to this so that could be in the future of this guide.


Note that I didn't list any event quests that don't really give you anything special.


Feel free to comment or message me if I'm missing anything or have wrong information.
I always welcome any suggestions!


Thanks and enjoy!


  • DevanteWeary




  • 08/01/19: Added Samurai α Palico Set, Fixed Star α Palico Set materials, Fixed Witcher quest HR, Added more sources, cleaned up Google checklist.
  • 08/02/19: Moved console icon from quest title to Ryu & Sakura layered reward.
  • 08/05/19: Replaced gender text with symbols, cleaned and rearranged Google checklist.
  • 08/08/19: Added "Mosswinin' and Dinin'" quest, Added Poogie outfits, guild card backgrounds & poses, Changed 'Required Materials' to 'Requirements', Added source.
  • 08/09/19: Cleaned up some text.
  • 08/13/19: Added 'Increased Decorations' reward to The Name's Lavasioth!, rearranged some quests.
  • 09/08/19: Added MR event quests, moved festivals to bottom of list, Changed 'Double HR Points' to 'Bonus HR Points', Added source, cleaned up some text.
  • 09/14/19: Added MR event quests, Added update date to the top, Changed 'Bonus HR Points' to 'Bonus Rank Points', Changed 'HR' to 'Rank' in Rank column header.
  • 09/20/19: Added MR event quests.
  • 09/29/19: Added MR event quests, cleaned up some text.
  • 10/02/19: Moved Bonus Rank Quests into its own section, Changed list synopsis/summary.
  • 10/03/19: Added MR event quests.
  • 10/10/19: Added MR event quests.
  • 10/17/19: Added MR event quests.
  • 10/24/19: Added MR event quests, fixed Challenge Quest 1 ★ level.
  • 11/07/19: Added Resident Evil event quest, Added MR event quests.
  • 11/08/19: Fixed "RE: Return of the Bioweapon" target.
  • 11/21/19: Added Horizon Zero Dawn event quest, Added MR event quest, Changed Festival dates.
  • 11/22/19: Added console icon to Into the Frozen Wild quest.
  • 11/25/19: Added More Guides section.
  • 11/30/19: Added MR event quest.
  • 12/12/19: Added Safi'jiiva siege, Added Horizon Zero Dawn quest.
  • 12/19/19: Added Holiday Joy Fest quest, Added backgrounds and poses to old festivals, Added 'Fest' to old festival titles.
  • 12/20/19: Added Holiday Joy Fest layered armor and pendants.
  • 12/21/19: Added Holiday Joy Fest furnishings, Added guild card background to USJ and Resident Evil quests, Fixed Oolong layered armor requirements, separated requirement name and amount.
  • 12/23/19: Added pendant icon to Resident Evil quest rewards and legend, Fixed "Scores of Ores" title.
  • 12/26/19: Added Horizon Zero Dawn quest, rearranged some weapon upgrades above armor sets for consistency.
  • 12/31/19: Added Paolumu Lullabies quest.
  • 01/12/20: Added pendants to Firebreak quest.
  • 01/24/20: Added Grand Appreciation Fest quests, Added missing Snow Set α + Palico Set item.
  • 01/25/20: Added MR★4 Challenge Quest 2: MR Intermediate quest, Added Nexus Dragon Soul kinsect, Fixed Mega Man α Palico Set name, Removed non-event specific requirement from Moogle α + Palico Set.
  • 02/07/20: Added new elder dragon layered armor sets, Fixed name of Kushala γ Armor Set, Fixed mispelling of Xeno'jiiva Ticket and Bazelguese.
  • 02/08/20: Added missing furnishings to Resident Evil quest, rearranged rewards for The Fury of El Dorado quest to be more consistent.
  • 02/11/20: Added Community Contributions section, Fixed missing pendant icon for Focus pendant, Fixed missing console icons for new gamma layered armors, Removed 'Room' from all references of furnishings for consistency.
  • 02/15/20: Added increased crown chance MR quests.
  • 02/24/20: Added reddit layout warning to the top.
  • 03/01/20: Added MR increased decorations/bonus rank points quests, Fixed Kulve Taroth γ Armor Set requirement amount, Put increased armor sphere type in parentheses.
  • 03/08/20: Added MR increased Great Spiritvein Gem and Gold Crown quests, Fixed gold star for MR increased crowns quests.
  • 03/13/20: Fixed requirement amount for Duffel Duty quest.
  • 03/27/20: Added MR crown chance quests, Added quest The Thronetaker, Swapped sections Community Contributions and Sources.
  • 04/10/20: Added Full Bloom Festival, Added MR event quests, Fixed missing bonus rank reward for Trophy Fishin' quest, Changed "Furnishings" to "Room Decor" to match in-game description.
  • 05/20/20: Added quests The Eternal Goldrush and The Distant Dark Tide, Fixed missing pendant for quest The Red Dragon.
  • 07/21/20: Added Sizzling Spice Fest quests.


Community Contributions – Thank You!



  • In-game information.
  • Capcom's official event schedule found here.
  • Fextralife's various Festival Guides found here.
  • Fextralife MHW Wiki found here.
  • Hold To Reset's various guides found here.
  • /u/Laxaria's weekly information post here.
  • /u/Amigo1342's 2019 event information post found here.
  • /u/tapczan100's event quest list found here.


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