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MHW G-Rank equipment advancement theories and hopes

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Greetings fellow hunters and huntresses,
I've been thinking about how G-Rank gear will probably be like and the following are my assumptions:

  • Armor We'll surely get more skills and/or higher skills levels. Same for the Decoration slots.
    The armors so far in World could only have up to 2 different skills on one armor piece, while G-Rank could offer maybe up to 3 skills, like Attack lvl2 + Maximum Might lvl1 + Agitator lvl1 and High Rank Beta version slots for G-Rank Alpha with even better slots for G-Rank Beta.

  • Weapons Easy one, better stats (Raw, Sharpness, Element/Status/Elderseal, Slots) and maybe more Augmentation slots and/or choices, like another post suggested. Element/Status cap removal or tradeoff augmentations like +15 True Raw -10% Affinity, which could be interesting for impact CB or builds that already have such high affinity, that the tradeoff is well worth it. Likewise, +20% Affinity -10 True Raw as a counterpart or +250 Element(25 True Element) -10 True Raw, etc.

  • Charm Charms will proabably gain a boost too, just like our armor and weapons, but in what form?
    Higher skill levels? Possibly, as some skills cap at lvl5 and Attack, Defense and as well as Critical Eye at lvl7, but what about those who cap at lvl3, lvl2 and level1? Give them a second skill, similar to what the charms at the end of the crafting list look like? Something along the lines of
    Artillery Charm IV: Artillery lvl3 + Capacity Boost
    or make the charms branch out?
    Attack Charm III -> Attack Charm VI:Attack lvl6 / -> Agressor Charm III: Attack lvl3 + Critical Eye lvl3
    Handicraft Charm III -> Handicraft Charm V: Handicraft lvl5 / -> Edge Proficiency I: Handicraft lvl3 + Razor Sharp lvl1
    Alongside or instead of that possibility, that would demand another batch of Materials for crafting the base form if you want multiple branches of one Charm, including High Rank Gems and most likely their G-Rank equivalent, Mantles and Palliums could be Decoration Slot addition, a bit similar to the Decoration Slot Augmentation.
    I would like to point out that there are 3 different slot upgrades for charms: add 1 lvl3 Slot, add 1 lvl2 and lvl1 Slot each and add 3 lvl1 Slots.
    The latter for instance would make the most sense for the Gathering Charms imo (Botany, Geology, Insect, Gatherer's, Hunter's Life and Geomancy Charm), as those skills can rarely be found outside of non monster material farming sets, aside from spare bonus points given by an armor piece in use and all Gathering Decorations only need a lvl1 Slot afaik.

  • Hopes While I know that MHW is supposed to be more realistic than the previous MH games, including the aesthetics, I'ld wish for them to take a step back and give us our colourful, somtimes oversized, crazy, over the top and foremost unique designs for both Armors and Weapons, so one can tell with a single glance, weapon X was made from Monster Z parts, just like in the old days.
    The Armors aren't bad, but I do wish we had some more extreme cases, like Xenos set, that stand out from the rest, that seem to have a medieval theme for the most part.
    Looking back, most weapons and armors got a massive design overhaul in G-Rank, so maybe my wish will be granted…or they go down the generic weapon path once againpleaseno!

What do you think? Do you agree with my theories, have your own or rather go into G-Rank without caring about those as long as you can keep slaying away at dem Monsters?

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