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MHW – Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide

MonsterHunterWorld4 - MHW - Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide


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This is a guide for MHW Guiding Lands materials, regions, and equipment augments.
You can keep track of what you have in this materials list:


  • edit?usp=sharing - MHW - Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide
    MHW – Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide


Enter the number of materials you own and the colors will give you a quick idea of what you need.
The other sections will be filled automatically.


Please note that this post serves as a quick guide to Guiding Lands materials
There is even more information in the spreadsheet including: weapon custom upgrades and region levels.


Scroll to the bottom for more info.



  • Reddit Post: 05/24/20
  • Spreadsheet: 06/01/20





BariothColdblooded IcefangTempered Icefang
DiablosTwisted BravehornTwisted Temperhorn
Black DiablosBlackcurl TyranthornBlackcurl Temperhorn
LegianaSmooth IcehideTempered Icehide
Shrieking LegianaCrystal FrozenhideTempered Frosthide
NargacugaAssassin CutwingTempered Cutwing
PaolumuRubbery ShellTempered Rubbery Shell
Nightshade PaolumuObsidian FurTempered Hide
RathalosKing's ScaleTempered Red Scale
Azure RathalosAzure ScaleTempered Azure Scale
Silver RathalosScorching ScaleTempered Silver Scale
RathianQueen's ScaleTempered Green Scale
Pink RathianPink ScaleTempered Pink Scale
Gold RathianMoonlight ScaleTempered Gold Scale
Seething BazelgeuseCrimson BlastscaleTempered Blastscale
TigrexStrongman's JawTempered Jaw
Brute TigrexShuddering DarkjawTempered Ebonjaw


Kulu-Ya-KuColorful Plume
Pukei-PukeiFragrant Poison SacTempered Poison Sac
Coral Pukei-PukeiHydrated SacTempered Torrent Sac
Tzitzi-Ya-KuDazzling Photophore+
Yian GarugaSinister Silverpelt
Scarred Yian GarugaTempered Silverpelt


DodogamaHeavy Jaw
Great JagrasRugged Mane
Tobi-KadachiBlinding CathodeTempered Cathode
Viper Tobi-KadachiEnticing ViperthornTempered Viperthorn
Great GirrosNight Hood
OdogaronFatal RendclawTempered Rendclaw
Ebony OdogaronSoulrender TalonTempered Talon
ZinogreCharged Deathly ShockerTempered Shocker
Stygian ZinogreGushing DragonholdTempered Dragonhold
RajangBloodthirsty GlimmerpeltTempered Glimmerpelt


AnjanathFlickering FlamepeltTempered Flamepelt
Fulgur AnjanathCrackling ThunderpeltTempered Thunderpelt
BanbaroAncient Great HornTempered Great Horn
BarrothMuddy CrownTempered Crown
BrachydiosGlossy EbonshellTempered Ebonshell
GlavenusSmoldering TailedgeTempered Tailedge
Acidic GlavenusHoned TailbladeTempered Tailblade
RadobaanInkstained Oilshell+Tempered Oilshell+
Savage DeviljhoBloodstained EbonhideSpattered Hide
UragaanMetallic ScuteTempered Scute


LavasiothIncandescent MagmafinTempered Magmafin


Blackveil Vaal HazakTwilight FangTempered Twilight Fang
KirinSolemn Azure HornTempered Azure Horn
Kushala DaoraStormcall SteelwingTempered Steelwing
LunastraAzure ManeTempered Azure Mane
NamielleEnchanting FinehideTempered Trancehide
Ruiner NergiganteExtinction GreathornAnnihilating Temperhorn
TeostraHellfire ManeTempered Crimson Mane
VelkhanaAurora CrownhornTempered Crownhorn


Fierce Dragonvein BoneHeavy Dragonvein BoneDragonvein SolidboneElder Dragonvein Bone
AnjanathBariothAcidic GlavenusBlackveil Vaal Hazak
BanbaroBrachydiosAzure RathalosKirin
BarrothDiablosSilver RathalosKushala Daora
DodogamaFulgur AnjanathBlack DiablosLunastra
Great GirrosGlavenusBrute TigrexNamielle
Great JagrasLavasiothEbony OdogaronRuiner Nergigante
Kulu-Ya-KuLegianaGold RathianTeostra
Nightshade PaolumuOdogaronSavage Deviljho
Pukei-PukeiRathalosSeething Bazelgeuse
Coral Pukei-PukeiTigrexShrieking Legiana
RadobaanUragaanYian Garuga
Pink RathianStygian Zinogre
Viper Tobi-Kadachi


Spiritvein SlogboneSpiritvein SolidboneElder Spiritvein Bone
Anjanath 💜Barioth 💜Blackveil Vaal Hazak 💜
Banbaro 💜Black Diablos 💜Kirin 💜
Barroth 💜Brachydios 💜Kushala Daora 💜
Diablos 💜Ebony Odogaron 💜Lunastra 💜
Odogaron 💜Fulgur Anjanath 💜Namielle 💜
Paolumu 💜Glavenus 💜Ruiner Nergigante 💜
Nightshade Paolumu 💜Acidic Glavenus 💜Teostra 💜
Pukei-Pukei 💜Gold Rathian 💜Velkhana 💜
Coral Pukei-Pukei 💜Lavasioth 💜
Radobaan 💜Legiana 💜
Rathian 💜Shrieking Legiana 💜
Pink Rathian 💜Nargacuga 💜
Tobi-Kadachi 💜Rajang 💜
Viper Tobi-Kadachi 💜Rathalos 💜
Azure Rathalos 💜
Silver Rathalos 💜
Savage Deviljho 💜
Scarred Yian Garuga 💜
Seething Bazelgeuse 💜
Tigrex 💜
Brute Tigrex 💜
Uragaan 💜
Zinogre 💜
Stygian Zinogre 💜


Spiritvein Gem ShardSpiritvein GemGreat Spiritvein Gem
Anjanath 💜Barioth 💜Blackveil Vaal Hazak 💜
Banbaro 💜Black Diablos 💜Gold Rathian 💜
Barroth 💜Brachydios 💜Kirin 💜
Diablos 💜Ebony Odogaron 💜Kushala Daora 💜
Odogaron 💜Fulgur Anjanath 💜Lunastra 💜
Paolumu 💜Glavenus 💜Namielle 💜
Nightshade Paolumu 💜Acidic Glavenus 💜Rajang 💜
Pukei-Pukei 💜Lavasioth 💜Ruiner Nergigante 💜
Coral Pukei-Pukei 💜Legiana 💜Seething Bazelgeuse 💜
Radobaan 💜Shrieking Legiana 💜Silver Rathalos 💜
Rathian 💜Nargacuga 💜Stygian Zinogre 💜
Pink Rathian 💜Rathalos 💜Teostra 💜
Tobi-Kadachi 💜Azure Rathalos 💜Velkhana 💜
Viper Tobi-Kadachi 💜Savage Deviljho 💜
Scarred Yian Garuga 💜
Tigrex 💜
Brute Tigrex 💜
Uragaan 💜
Zinogre 💜





RegionMining OutcropsBonepiles
ForestDecayed CrystalMossy Greatbone
Forest CrystalWoodland Greatbone
Prosperous CrystalSlumbering Greatbone
Guiding Forest CrystalGuiding Forest Dragonbone
WildspireCracked CrystalWeathered Cragbone
Wasteland CrystalWasteland Cragbone
Serene CrystalTempered Cragbone
Guiding Wasteland CrystalGuiding Wasteland Dragonbone
CoralPale CrystalVivid Crimsonbone
Reef CrystalCoral Crimsonbone
Deepsea CrystalVibrant Crimsonbone
Guiding Reef CrystalGuiding Reef Dragonbone
RottedDistorted CrystalMalformed Frenzybone
Effluvial CrystalEffluvial Frenzybone
Twilight CrystalAfflicted Frenzybone
Guiding Effluvial CrystalGuiding Rotted Dragonbone
VolcanicMelted CrystalSimmering Wildbone
Magma CrystalVolcanic Wildbone
Hellfire CrystalDragonscorched Wildbone
Guiding Magma CrystalGuiding Volcanic Dragonbone
TundraFrozen CrystalHoary Icebone
Rime CrystalTundra Icebone
Daybreak CrystalEverfrost Icebone
Guiding Rime CrystalGuiding Tundra Dragonbone





RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3Need
10Spiritvein Slogbone3Spiritvein Gem1Great Spiritvein Gem1
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Tempered Great Horn3Tempered Glimmerpelt3Annihilating Temperhorn3
Tempered Icefang3
11Spiritvein Gem1Great Spiritvein Gem1Great Spiritvein Gem1
Spiritvein Solidbone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Tempered Crownhorn3Tempered Glimmerpelt4Annihilating Temperhorn4
Tempered Frosthide4
12Great Spiritvein Gem1Great Spiritvein Gem1Great Spiritvein Gem1
Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone5Elder Spiritvein Bone5
Extinction Greathorn5Tempered Glimmerpelt5Annihilating Temperhorn5
Tempered Dragonhold5


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Flickering Flamepelt9Twisted Temperhorn7Tempered Jaw7Tempered Glimmerpelt7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Crackling Thunderpelt5Tempered Red Scale3Heavy Jaw5
Wasteland Cragbone5Dragonvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3
Tempered Cragbone3Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone1Simmering Wildbone5
11Fatal Rendclaw9Scorching Scale9Tempered Dragonhold7
Ancient Great Horn5Solemn Azure Horn5Tempered Frosthide5
Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Vibrant Crimsonbone3Guiding Reef Dragonbone1Guiding Tundra Dragonbone1
12Tempered Steelwing7Tempered Silver Scale7
Bloodstained Ebonhide5Bloodthirsty Glimmerpelt5
Elder Spiritvein Bone3Spiritvein Solidbone3
Slumbering Greatbone5Dragonscorched Wildbone3


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Colorful Plume9Stormcall Steelwing9Tempered Cutwing7Tempered Blastscale7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Assassin Cutwing5Tempered Cathode3Incandescent Magmafin5
Decayed Crystal3Dragonvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3
Forest Crystal5Prosperous Crystal3Magma Crystal5
11Sinister Silverpelt9Tempered Azure Scale7Tempered Blastscale7Tempered Dragonhold7
Crackling Thunderpelt5Tempered Thunderpelt3Tempered Magmafin3Coldblooded Icefang5
Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Spiritvein Slogbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3
Prosperous Crystal3Guiding Forest Crystal1Hellfire Crystal3Frozen Crystal5
12Smoldering Tailedge9Tempered Crimson Mane7Annihilating Temperhorn7
Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Azure Mane5Tempered Icefang5
Serene Crystal3Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Guiding Wasteland Crystal1Guiding Rime Crystal1


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Rugged Mane9Fragrant Poison Sac9Obsidian Fur9King's Scale7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Ancient Great Horn5
Mossy Greatbone3Woodland Greatbone5Slumbering Greatbone3Heavy Dragonvein Bone3
Guiding Forest Dragonbone1
11Muddy Crown9Queen's Scale9Twisted Bravehorn9Tempered Crown7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Spiritvein Slogbone3
Cracked Crystal3Wasteland Crystal5Serene Crystal3Guiding Wasteland Crystal1
Weathered Cragbone3
12Rubbery Shell9Hydrated Sac9Tempered Icehide7Tempered Ebonshell7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Heavy Jaw5
Vivid Crimsonbone3Coral Crimsonbone5Vibrant Crimsonbone3Dragonscorched Wildbone3


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Blackcurl Tyranthorn9Moonlight Scale9Tempered Azure Mane7Tempered Gold Scale7
Crackling Thunderpelt5Charged Deathly Shocker5Tempered Hide3Metallic Scute5
Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Dragonvein Solidbone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Wasteland Crystal5Serene Crystal3Guiding Wasteland Crystal1Melted Crystal5
11Hellfire Mane9Tempered Ebonshell7Tempered Azure Mane7Tempered Gold Scale7
Tempered Flamepelt3Tempered Scute3Enticing Viperthorn5Tempered Viperthorn3
Elder Dragonvein Bone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3
Tempered Cragbone3Volcanic Wildbone5Hoary Icebone5Tundra Icebone5
12Blackcurl Temperhorn7Tempered Gold Scale7
Aurora Crownhorn5Gushing Dragonhold5
Dragonvein Solidbone3Dragonvein Solidbone3
Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone1Everfrost Icebone3


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Tempered Rendclaw7Tempered Tailblade7Tempered Twilight Fang7Tempered Silver Scale7
Inkstained Oilshell+5Strongman's Jaw5Tempered Talon3Crimson Blastscale5
Spiritvein Slogbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Effluvial Frenzybone5Afflicted Frenzybone3Guiding Rotted Dragonbone1Volcanic Wildbone5
11Tempered Silverpelt7Spattered Hide7Annihilating Temperhorn7
Tempered Poison Sac3Tempered Green Scale3Crystal Frozenhide5
Spiritvein Solidbone3Spiritvein Solidbone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3
Slumbering Greatbone3Guiding Forest Dragonbone1Rime Crystal5
12Tempered Trancehide7Tempered Silver Scale7
Charged Deathly Shocker5Tempered Blastscale3
Elder Spiritvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Guiding Reef Dragonbone1Guiding Volcanic Dragonbone1


RarityLevel 1NeedLevel 2NeedLevel 3NeedLevel 4Need
10Dazzling Photophore+9Smooth Icehide9Enchanting Finehide9Tempered Azure Horn7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Rubbery Shell5Honed Tailblade5Tempered Pink Scale3
Pale Crystal3Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3Elder Spiritvein Bone3
Reef Crystal5Deepsea Crystal3Guiding Reef Crystal1
11Night Hood9Strongman's Jaw9Twilight Fang9Annihilating Temperhorn7
Fierce Dragonvein Bone3Inkstained Oilshell+5Soulrender Talon5Gushing Dragonhold5
Distorted Crystal3Heavy Dragonvein Bone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3
Malformed Frenzybone3Effluvial Crystal5Twilight Crystal3Daybreak Crystal3
12Tempered Oilshell+7Shuddering Darkjaw9Tempered Gold Scale7
Fatal Rendclaw5Twilight Fang5Glossy Ebonshell5
Spiritvein Slogbone3Elder Dragonvein Bone3Spiritvein Solidbone3
Twilight Crystal3Guiding Effluvial Crystal1Guiding Magma Crystal1




💜 Tempered




Here's the same information in a trackable materials list.

  • edit?usp=sharing - MHW - Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide
    MHW – Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide



Hello hunters!


Use this materials list to keep track of your Guiding Lands materials as well as check for the needed materials for each weapon augment.
This reddit post may come in handy as a reference but the materials list linked above is where you'll get the most use.


I created this so that we could see which materials we are either low on or missing entirely.
That way we can focus on stocking up before they fix the Geologist bug (if it IS a bug).


For those who don't know, putting at least Geologist level 1 in your skills will allow you to pick up two of every shiny that the monsters drop while fighting.
It adds up quickly! Not only that, but you can trade Guiding Lands materials for other monster materials at the Melder.
So think of Guiding Lands materials as basically any monster part you need!


The stock amount is color coded with the following in mind:

  • Yellow – You own this material but should probably get more.
  • Light Green – A decent amount that should get you augments on a couple of weapons.
  • Green – Enough to do pretty much whatever you need.
  • Blue – More than enough. You should think about using them or trading at the Melder.
  • Red – Way too much! Think about selling down to 40 or 50.


Here's a preview of what it looks like when you input the data:

  • hX4xyUO - MHW - Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide


Thanks and enjoy!


  • DevanteWeary




  • 11/25/19: Released Guiding Lands Materials List.
  • 12/03/19: Added Weapon Augments section, Fixed spelling errors.
  • 12/10/19: Added Tundra-related Guiding Lands materials. Added new weapon augments, Added 7th level for custom upgrades, Fixed Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's name, Changed guide summary.
  • 12/11/19: Added some missing monsters to dragonvein and spiritvein materials.
  • 12/23/19: Added remaining missing monsters to dragonvein and spiritvein materials.
  • 02/08/20: Separated Yian Garuga and Tempered Scarred Yian Garuga, Fixed missing tempered icon to Tempered Brute Tigrex, Fixed spelling for Lunastra.
  • 02/24/20: Added reddit layout warning to the top.
  • 05/24/20: Fixed spellings of Temperhorn.


Community Contributions – Thank You!

  • 05/23/20:
    ariathriven - MHW - Guiding Lands Materials and Weapon Augments Guide
    /u/ariathriven via PM – Pointed out misspellings of Temperhorn.
  • 06/01/20: Nico Yudhanto via spreadsheet commet – Pointed out incorrect material for Heavy Bowgun custom upgrade.




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