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MHW/IB Lance Tutorial – Neutral Guard Dash

MonsterHunterWorld1 - MHW/IB Lance Tutorial - Neutral Guard Dash


Guard Dash is a powerful move in the Lance's tool kit. It is integral to the weapon's ability to stay mobile and relentless, and for my zenny it's what ties the weapon's aggressive attacks and its stalwart shield together. There are some wrinkles to the Guard Dash that I wanted to demonstrate, but before going into that I'm going to assume you know the basics of Lance, most importantly you know what a Guard Dash is and how to pull it off. Check out the tutorial from


that should provide these basics.

Directional Guard Dash

This is something that is covered in the basic 101 tutorials linked above, but it's related to the topic at hand so I wanted to quickly demonstrate it. Note forward Guard Dash can be executed at any time, but as far as directional Guard Dashes are concerned, the easiest and most reliable way to pull of a Guard Dash is after a poke.

Guard Dash Follow Up

Another item that's covered in the basic 101 tutorials above are the various follow up actions you can take after pulling off a Guard Dash. You can either Shield Bash (Triangle), hop (X), or use the Leaping Thrust (Circle). Some of these actions will also allow additional follow ups, such as Shield Bash and then hop, so experiment and see what you're allowed. When you tie the various follow up actions, it adds much to the mobility of the weapon!

Follow Up Actions

Neutral Guard Dash

Now for the main topic at hand – in certain situations you may not have enough time to pull off a poke to initiate the Guard Dash. In those situations you're likely going to do a simple block or attempt to pull off a counter stance in time; however, it certainly IS possible to pull off a Guard Dash just as quickly. Why would you want to do this instead? Depending on your read of the situation, the follow up actions demonstrated above may be more favorable or you simply need the mobility to re-position or nope outta there (hello, flame puddles).


If you attempt to pull of a directional Guard Dash as you normally would without leading with a poke, you may get something like this, potentially leaving you vulnerable .

Neutral Guard Dash Fail

How to perform a Neutral Guard Dash: simultaneously press R2 + L2 + Direction + Triangle

By executing the button sequence correctly, you will perform a Guard Dash without having to lead with a poke. It may take some time to get used to pressing all those at once, but once you're able to, I find this fires off just as quickly as any other guard option, and the boon here is you have the follow up options.

Neutral Guard Dash Success

Tips on practicing the Neutral Guard Dash – the trick here is you actually don't have to simultaneously press all the buttons at once. You are able to sequence it as R2, then L2, and then Directional + Triangle. Thing to keep in mind, though, is that in practice in situations where you want to guard, you're unlikely to have the time to think and sequence like so; that said, it's still a good way to practice. Clip below demonstrates pressing them in sequence.

L2 Camera/Character Locking

Note around 0:09 you can see the camera zoom in a little. This is the character locking direction, meaning if you press left or right you will strafe instead of turn. This is essentially what allows you to perform the Directional Guard Dash from a neutral stance without your character spinning around like it did in the fail clip above.

Other Bits and Bobs, and Conclusion

For whatever reason, I had much more trouble pulling this off with a Xbone controller than I did with PS4. Probably just a personal quirk, or maybe there's something to the trigger designs. Also since something like Neutral Guard Dash is something you're more likely to attempt out of reflex than something like counter stance where you're more anticipating, I found the Neutral Guard Dash triggers Offensive Guard very frequently without having to fish for it.

Lance really bucks the perception of a seemingly bulky tanky weapon, and in World they really took it to another level with the mobility and fluidity by adding these moves to the tool kit. Hope people found this useful!

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