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MHW (PC) – Unreleased but present armor/weapon assets

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So… I've been farting around with the vendor mod and the blacksmith guy and have found some things that may be of interest to people.

Summary: All Arch Tempered armors are on-disk. All the seasonal armor is on-disk. The cat has megaman and bushi armor, but we don't have the corresponding armor/weapons for ourselves.

Tedious lists:

What's not in the game (but will be eventually)

  • Lunastra stuff
  • USJ stuff
  • Kulve Taroth
  • Winter stuff
  • Final Fantasy stuff (gear and cosmetics)
  • Devil May Cry stuff (gear and cosmetics)

    What gear can be "acquired" and used now

  • Arch Tempered Kirin armor

  • AT Vaal Hazak armor

  • AT Kushala Daora armor

  • AT Teostra armor

  • Queen Beetle armor

  • Diver Armor

  • Blossom Armor

Stupid Cat… what did you find?

  • Megaman set
  • Felyne Samurai set (Bushi tickets from Kulve)
  • Butterfly (Spring)
  • Aloha (Summer)

Gotta dress pretty! (layered armor)

  • Guild Cross set
  • Mosswine hat
  • Faux Felyne hat
  • Death Stench set
  • Shadow Shades
  • Blossom set
  • Diver set
  • Butterfly set

If there's something I didn't mention, that doesn't mean it isn't coming or isn't in there, that just means I didn't find evidence of it. Obviously we're getting luna and goldie, but while the loot is on-disc for it, the gear is unusable. Strangely, the cat has the Bushi gear, but the two Bushi layered armors aren't on-disc yet.

Edit: Notable absence is the lack of Street Fighter gear (and certainly no Aloy… sigh) I'm not saying they won't come, just that I couldn't find any evidence of them. (I'm also not saying there's no evidence… just that I didn't find any.)

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