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[MHW] Quick Glance at Time Attack Runs for World (5/24/18)

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I decided to look at the fastest times for Time Attack Runs for World for the hell of it besides a majority of 6 star monsters since I don't think too many people care about how fast something like Great Jagras dies. – MHW TA Wiki

Some conclusions I can make are the following:

  • Heavy Bowgun RNG cannon (Cluster 3 spam) while not the most reliable (since RNG surrounding Xeno Set Bonus) can kill monsters extremely quickly. This is because it doesn't worry about monster hitzones per se, it just makes monsters explode. That said, don't bring this to multiplayer since you will definitely run out of ammo and your teammates will also explode.
  • Dual blades are good against rath species since they can trip them easily and attack the head for massive damage.
  • Bow is great against elder dragons in general.
  • Monsters flinch too easily in single player (this should be changed)

The only reasons I didn't and don't plan to do a full TA wiki analysis like I did for MHXX are because:

  • World is still getting content and patches which will probably change things
  • Monsters die too quickly. Most runs were sub 5 minutes which is much shorter than previous titles. Hell most of the runs on the wiki were about 2 or 3 minutes depending on the monster. Only 4 monsters might last longer than 5 minutes (Lavasioth, Deviljho, Vaal Hazak, and Xeno'jiiva). This applies to every weapon btw. Not to mention this is without mantles or boosters.

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