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MHW to MHGU – what am i doing wrong?

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So less than an hour ago when I played the demo I completely rolled this Maccao dude so bad that I never even saw his moveset. But now I bought it and booted the game up and go right into that mission cuz it's the first monster I see listed and I'm getting two-shot, I can barely stun him no matter how many times I hit his head with my hammer, I have like 2 whetstones so by the end of the fight every single attack is literally bouncing off of him and I can't do anything about it, I'm completely broke from buying supplies each round and just now I see that it's actually even **costing me money just to try each time**? Not only that but like a quarter of the time I craft anything I end up with fu*king garbage. Is this game for real?


What am I missing here? I played a decent amount of World and never once did I have this amount of trouble with any monster, failing over and over and over. It's really frustrating to get it limping every single time and then end up dead because I'm completely out of potions. It doesn't help either that the controls feel horrible in comparison and you have to do dumb shit like throw paintballs just to track a monster even after you've already walked around aimlessly like an id*ot for 5 minutes and discovered it. All in all it's kind of starting to make me regret my purchase.

I don't really even know what to do now. I don't understand how I'm supposed to make money to pay for the fee to kill monsters if killing monsters is how I get money. The only other quests are Harvest Tours and even though they are free they reward a whopping 12z. Should I just abandon this save and start over completely with the beginner money again? I feel like I made a mistake when I got this "Book of Combos" at the beginning since I still craft garbage constantly anyways and it was super expensive..

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