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[MHW] World has the worst community interaction mechanics of any MH.

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World is probably my favorite monster hunter so far. The weapons are so much more interesting to use and its so beautiful. However, one of my favorite parts of past MH games was joining up with randoms to take down as many monsters for a farm or go in a round robin to get what we wanted. The chit chat and emote silliness is one of my favorite parts.

This is where i think the world team screwed the pooch.

I have not had one decent text chat with someone i dont know in 150 hours.

Voice chat is in the game sure, but having 16 people around makes the risk of toxic/obnoxious people far to high to leave it on all the time. And knowing when someone else has it on or off is very difficult.

I think the SOS flare system has also hurt the community aspect as well. I think it currently stands as the best way to get a group of 4 together for a specific hard monster or quest. (Your experience may be different. lemme know) You dont need to talk to the people you join, you dont get to gauge whether their gear is up to the task, or see how they are preparing and set up a strategy. You just join, kill (or triple cart), and go back to the board to resume spamming for the monster you're looking for, no human interaction required…

What can help this situation?


*1. Make it so you need to choose a room to join to even play the game multiplayer. You cannot just press matchmake and get into a random room where everyone ignores each other and never goes to the gathering hub.

*2. make gathering hub the default destination or decrease load time in and out of it.

*2.5. Put all amenities in gathering hub? (this wasnt in past games, so maybe not. They also said in some interview that they want people to walk around the town which is why its all spread out.)

*3. You can join or make hubs with people you go out on an SOS with. (nobody wants to go back to the damn camp just to stay with some people that are decent)

*4. Remove the chat from the same area where all the game notifications pop up. Too many things like item pickups, or join and leave messages always move the chat along waaaaay too fast to talk.

*5. The shout-outs take too many button presses to get into and out of. Compared to now, Its was easier to dodge agnaktor beams and type big messages on the wii… Had plenty of fun chatting in Tri and the chat system in that game was dogshit. (alphabetical keyboard)

Anyways, rant over. I love this game to death and just wanna talk to people and not get ignored… BTW Kulve Taroth was a refreshing community event.

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