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Hello, Hunters! Street Fighter and Devil May Cry quests are up better get them before they go!

Disclaimer, I am not huge on the meta or builds and tend to do my own thing. Best builds and other such optimization questions are free to be discussed but I am not an expert on that.


Do you like ranged combat but can't care enough to keep making a ton of ammo? Do you want even more mobility than before? The bow is for you! With powerful charged shots that can be drawn while moving this weapon is about setting up for the right time to strike. So pick up your bow and channel your inner Legolas.


First introduced in the 2nd generation the Bow has changed little over the years. That is until now. The bow's high mobility and ability to store a charge while moving around have made for some efficient opportunity shots. Power shots and other options have been added but the bread and butter of how to play has been the same for a long time.

Key Mechanics

These are the basics to understanding the Bow that helps drive the weapon.

  • Charge your Shots – The bow has the ability to charge up attacks up to 3 levels (4 with a skill) and with each level the power increases. The act of charging takes stamina though so it's wise to keep on eye on how long your charging.

  • Power Shot – The Power Shot is a quick follow up shot that's part of the usual combo the Hunter fires multiple arrows at once with an increased attack. This is quick and useful but keeps you standing still and open for attack.

  • Arcing Shot – This is a lesser used shot that fires a spiky ball filled a short distance into the sky. This rains the spiky balls down in a small area that deals very little damage individually but there are a lot of shots raining down. This isn't optimal for damage still but it does deal KO damage and can be useful in knocking down a monster in the right situation.


Changes from past iterations

  • Dodge into lvl 3 – Immediately after dodging, when you charge your shot it will start at level 3. Might not be the most stamina efficient method but is quick on a full powered retaliation.

  • Sliding/Midair Shots – While the ability to fire while jumping isn't new it is greatly improved in this iteration of the series.

  • Dragon Piercer – An innate attack that while it takes a long time to wind up and leaves you vulnerable can deal massive damage. Much like a piercing shot that does damage all the way through the monster, this attack can be very powerful. Most easily used in groups this shot is best used with a big window of opportunity unless you're going for some serious highlight clips.


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Please share your tips, strategies, experiences anything you'd like about the Bow below

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